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Aug 8, 2007 04:29 PM

KC Vegie/Airport

I'm bringing my daughter down Friday to catch a flight to Denver. I'd like to take her to lunch before she goes. She somehow is a vegetarian. Anyplace by the airport with decent vegetarian options?

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  1. Does your daughter like Indian food? Swagat at Zona Rosa usually has a great selection of vegetarian items on their lunch buffet.

    1. There's a Bo Ling's (Chinese) at Zona Rosa as well. And a Thai Place a little further south on I-29 at NW 64th St. I haven't been to either of these locations, but both are outposts of much beloved local chains. Both have excellent veggie options.

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          Zona Rosa is a large shopping/dining center about 5 miles south of the airport. It's your closest agglomeration of options.

          Zona Rosa
          8640 N Dixson Ave, Kansas City, MO 64153

      1. Malay Cafe is close to the airport and very tasty.

        6003 NW Barry Rd
        Kansas City, MO 64154