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Aug 8, 2007 04:25 PM

Affordable but AWESOME wedding cakes - Dallas

Does anyone know of reasonably priced bakeries for wedding cakes who can also create on the fancier side in Dallas, TX? Preferably closer to Irving?

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  1. What kind of price range (total not per person) do you consider reasonable? That will help alot with recommendations.

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        It's not near Irving, but we got our cake at Dallas Affaires and, while it was 8 years ago, it was around $450 for I think 150 people maybe a few more. We had one layer of white chocolate cake, one layer of dark chocolate cake, fresh strawberries with Italian cream in between and a luscious buttercream icing. Nicely decorated and topped with a gorgeous selection of roses. It was scrumptious to say the least and they were delightful to deal with.

        Romano's has very beautiful fondant covered cakes. Not sure of the prices. I don't think the cake is as good as the ones at Dallas Affaires, but they can get much fancier since they do the fondant.

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          I got married in February of this year and we used Romano's.

          We got bride and groom's cake for $915 I think. It was the cheapest place we found here locally. Unbelievably it was also the best!

          It was not fondant covered though, it was butter cream iced (not real fond of fondant). We had Rasberry Swirl for our White Cake and Chocolate Strawberry Passion for our groom's cake. The groom's was very simple sheet cake with chocolate shavings on it. Another excellent favorite is the Grand Marnier.

          I think the thing that is so unbelieveable with is how moist the cakes were! We very much enjoyed it and they were incredible to work with!

    1. Not in Irving , but you should check out Henk's/Black Forest Bakery in Dallas.....'tis located roughly at Greenville at Northwest Highway . Very good cakes of all kinds at very rewasonable prices .

      1. Panini Bakery is supplying our wedding cake.
        6063 Sherry Ln
        Dallas, TX 75225
        (214) 363-1225
        They're not near Irving, but they would be worth your while to look into. They are supplying us with a wedding cake that serves 125 + 75 chocolate cupcakes (we're doing cupcakes instead of the traditional groom's cake) all for $575. Sophie, the owner, is really great and easy to work with - and, most importantly, the cake is extra tasty. They have beautiful designs, too!

        1. Wow thanks for all the feedback, I will definitely look into all these places!

          1. We used a great company called "The Cake Guy" last October. The cake was BEAUTIFUL! I gave him a picture out of a bridal magazine that I thought was pretty and he re-created it exactly. The only info I still have for him is his e-mail- thecakeguy at

            He's a school teacher who makes wedding cakes on the side. It was less than $500 for 150ppl. The cake was quite yummy too.

            By the way, most of the other places mentioned will be at least 800- 1000 bucks for 150ppl, at least according to my research last summer.