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Palm Springs?

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Any suggestions for places to eat in Palm Springs. We're bringing two kids, ages 2 and 6, so nothing too fancy. We'd like to try someplace with a nice eclectic menu. We're open to all sorts of places. Oh, and good breakfast joints too. Thanks!

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  1. Do a searchon this board & you'l come up with lots of suggestions. I would call ahead first, though - a lot of places close for August, or at least they used to.

    1. Try the Elephant Bar in Palm Desert. It's on 111 and San Luis Rey. Great food, outstanding service, not expensive and in season a 45 min. wait at dinner time is not unusual. Should not be a problem this time of the year. And all ages from you might say 9 to 90 go there. They even have a kid's menu. They are a chain mostly in So. Cal and now in Henderson, NV .
      Check out their web site.We have family there and have taken them for dinner at that location.

      Elephant Bar & Restaurant
      73833 Hwy 111, Palm Desert, CA 92260

      1. Palm springs has some excellent restaurants. You can't go wrong for any meal at the Manhattan in the Desert deli/bakery. Jewish style deli restaurant and better than just about any other restaurant of its ilk in Los Angeles. In fact, a friend of ours from West LA that we took there couldn't stop talking about the corned beef all weekend when staying with us and in fact went back after we had left town. And their bakery products are truly fantastic. Sherman's (same kind of place) is also excellent, although I have mostly eaten at the palm desert location and only once at the downtown PS location. Also really like Michael's (?) coffee shop in Cathedral city, in the same shopping center as the recently burned down and rebuilt albertson's on Date Palm Dr. Try the cathedral city salad if you like chicken salad and tuna salad. We proudly take our 2 year old to all of these places. In fact, since we can't get any food like this up in Sacramento, it's one of the things we like best about palm springs.

        There is also a good Chinese restaurant on Date Palm Dr. (Ming's?) between Dinah Shore and Gerald Ford dr's.

        Mildly off topic: if you are looking for a park to take the kids to, there is a nice one on Dinah Shore just west of the wash. There's also a children's museum in Rancho Mirage, more appropriate for the 6 year old.

        If you happen to finagle a babysitter and go out as adults, Melvyn's lounge is fun for a night out.


        Doug & Nancy in Sac (Doug's parents live part time in Rancho Mirage)

        1. Second the vote for Sherman's on Country Club and Monterey. It is a good spot for Breakfast and lunch. Their mushroom barley soup is terrific.

          For Chinese: Check out City Wok on Country Club and Cook St. Popular place with lots of tasty dishes. Take-out too.

          Tyler's in downtown Palm Springs is a real popular (Busy) spot for burgers(Sliders) and fries which they are known for as well as their coleslaw. It's a casual place. The kids might get a kick out of the mini burgers.

          1. Good home cooking at all meals is Don and Sweet Sue's on Ramon Rd. off Date Palm---fine for kids. Also there are several Mario's Cafes or Restaurants in the area. We ate at the one in Rancho Mirage next to Vons...good and a LOT of food for a reasonable price. If you're up for Thai then just across the parking lot toward the street from Mario's is Thai Smile. We liked that a lot but not sure I'd want to take our 2 yr old grandson there. And I agree that Sherman's is real good. And Michael's cafe in the Albertson's shopping center on Date Palm near Dinah Shore does have good breakfasts although it's a bit small and sometimes you have to wait. These places were all open during August last year when we were there and we're going back next week. Happy sunning!

            1. Thanks for the tips. We went to Manhattan's and Sherman's, both were great. As a New Yorker who has lived in San Diego for 12 years and worked in my youth as a counterman at a couple of deli's, this was the first time in many years I've had good deli food. The Corned Beef at Manhattan's was moist and a little fatty (as it should be) and the Lox at Sherman's was freshly cut, not presliced, and tasted great (they are also kid friendly, bringing not only the standard paper and crayons but toy cars for our two boys). My wife and I were able to get a baby-sitter one night and were planning on going to the Chop House but their dress code is rather strict, no short sleeves, so we went across the street to LG steak house. We had a couple of steaks and a lobster tail along with some mushrooms and a potato app called tumbleweeds. Well, the bread and mushrooms were good... My Filet was dry (medium rare) and so was the lobster. My wife was happy with her steak, can't remember what cut it was. We're going back in a month and will try some of the other suggestions. As a side note, we stayed at a place called Casa Cody. It was a wonderful, intimate and private, mostly little studios, and just two blocks from the center of town. We were in a small two bedroom cottage called the Adobe House that, as legend has it, was a winter retreat for Charlie Chaplin in the silent film era. Had a very big and private backyard and lots of atmosphere. Unfortunately the AC broke down on the second night--in Palm Springs!--but the manager comped us the night.

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                I think they overcook the steaks at LG's - when I noted my med rare was medium, the server said 'That's because our plates are hot!' Ummmm, well, then wouldn't you cook it just to rare to compensate or am I missing something???

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                  Glad to hear you enjoyed your visit to PS. Some other suggestions may be Zin or Johannes for dinner. I don't think Zin has a childrens menu but the fried chicken, burger and mac & cheese are favorites of my neice and nephew. They also gave the kids crayons to 'color on the table' which was a hit. Johannes is more adult but if you have a night out the food is very good. Peabody's is a small local hangout with good american food for breakfast and lunch.