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Aug 8, 2007 03:54 PM

What's good in Murray Hill?

I'm going back to work in a couple of weeks in the Murray Hill area (27th and Park). I worked there for 10 years, but left 4 years ago. What's good for lunch now?

Loved the Curry Hill restaurants, as well as the Afghan place on 26th & 3rd(?). What are your favorite restaurants in the area? New places, or maybe someplace I've just forgotten about?

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  1. Ali Baba Turkish Cuisine is awesome...34th btw 2nd and 3rd

    1. Bamiyan is the Afghan place you're thinking of. I second the Ali Baba rec. Ethos is good for Greek. Penelope for a casual, American meal.

      1. You might also check out Josie's or Rio Grande (also a good after-work place). As for 27th and Park, there's a good salad place (Wild Edibles) up the street on Park. Turkish Kitchen on 27th and 3rd is also good--similar to Ali Baba.

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              the upstairs at kalustyans on lex and 28th has excellent kebab, falafel, hummus etc pitas and platters.

              maybe a little heavy for lunch but im a big fan of ali baba and ethos.

              and wild greens is a good bet for chopped salads - on 29th or 30th and park. also guy and gallard cafe on park and 31st has a nice selection.

          1. re: jrazzle

            Meant to say Wild Greens for salads, not Wild Edibles--although Wild Edibles has great fish!

          2. I LOVE Turkish Kitchen lunches. Chennai Garden. And for a big after work treat (only open for dinner I think)--Vatan.

            1. If you want to go upscale, Eleven Madison Park, on the corner of Madison & 24th, serves lunch.


              Tabla and its less expensive Bread Bar, on the corner of Madison & 25th, serve lunch.


              A Voce, on 26th, just east of Madison, serves lunch.


              Park Bistro is temporarily closed. But when it re-opens, its new location will be on PAS, b/t 26th & 27th. I presume that, as always, they will be serving lunch.

              Urena, on 28th, b/t PAS & Madison, is closing on Aug. 18th, but will re-open in Sept. as Pamplona. Chef/owner Alex Urena will have a new bistro-style menu focusing on Basque cuisine. We'll have to see if he'll be serving lunch.

              Blue Smoke, on 27th, b/t Lex & PAS, serves lunch. But, frankly, I much prefer to head a bit west for what I consider the much more delicious bbq being served at Hill Country, on 26th, b/t B'way & 6th. Less busy at lunch than at dinner.


              And, btw, I'm a fan of Ethos, but they do not serve lunch.

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              1. re: RGR

                Thanks for all the suggestions. I have been to Tabla and loved it. Will have to go back.

                I assume Park Bistro is on the east side of PAS? Is the Park Avenue Country Club still on the corner of PAS and 27th? What's in the space that used to be the Globe in the middle of the block between 26th and 27th?

                1. re: maryelizabeth

                  If my memory serves me correctly, the park avenue country club has closed. I passed by it at the beginning of July and I said to myself that another restaurant had closed. I go twice a year and usually stay in Murray hill and there is a big turnaround in restaurants.

                  In the middle of the block between 26th and this the block where there is Dos caminos? There is also Barna under the Giraffe hotel.

                  Go to Campanile on 29th street just off park avenue south, it is excellent!

                  1. re: cricri7

                    PACC is closed and in its place a new steakhouse is opening.

                  2. re: maryelizabeth

                    Yes, Park Bistro's new location is on the east side of PAS, two doors to north of Dos Caminos. D.C. replaced Globe, and the entrance to Barna is right next to D.C. on the other side.

                    I agree with cricri7's rec of Campanile, a neighborhood "hidden gem." Nothing hip about the place. Just delicious traditional Italian food served in an attractive, very comfortable setting.


                  3. re: RGR

                    Ethos serves lunch on the weekends.