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Aug 8, 2007 03:41 PM

Wonder Bread Ideas

My SO's company had a cookout and they had tons of their Wonder Bread hot dog buns left over. Well, not one to let food go to waste, he brought two big bags of the stuff home. After a couple hot dogs at home, neither of us wanted to eat those buns any more so I stuck them in the freezer.

What can I do? Even though it's not GOOD bread, I can't throw that much food out. And our local food bank won't take bread, since it's too easy to tamper with. Does anyone have any ideas? Preferably savory, since we aren't really into sweets.


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  1. How about a savory bread pudding? I've made one before with ham and swiss and mushrooms, and it was a hit at a carryin dinner. Or you could cube them up, season with salt, pepper, granulated garlic, then toss with a bit of olive oil and bake on a cookie sheet in a single layer at 350 for about 15 minutes; viola, homemade croutons. You could also grind them in the food processor or blender for fresh breadcrumbs.

    Ok, I'm out of ideas now. (These are all the things we do with leftover bread, although generally it's whole wheat, rye, or rosemary bread. I also don't like to waste food, so I put the ends of bread in the freezer and when I accumulate enough, do one of the above.)

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      Or you could use the croutons for stuffing/dressing. Just an idea, I don't know if they'd be sturdy enough or not. There are also recipes for bread and tomato soup, but again, may need a sturdier bread than wonder.

      Note, wonder really is the right bread for BBQ. And no, I am not trying to start a fight.

    2. If you toast them with garlic, olive oil and herbs in an open roasting pan not too much -- they can then be cut into cubes for croutons. You will have to put them back to crunch up. I have found them to be too soggy to cut into cubes without getting frustrated,

      1. It's weird that you just wrote this because I had a similar problem this weekend. I had a bunch of hamburger buns leftover from a BBQ last week and I had no idea what to do with them. So..... I cubed up a whole package into "largish" cubes and put them into a big bowl with some slivered green onions. Then, in a saucepan I sauteed some garlic, onion, bell peppers, (basically whatever veggies I had in the fridge) in butter and olive oil. In another bowl I whisked 4 eggs with 2 cups of milk, threw in a cup of grated parmesan, and a bunch of herbs (parsley, oregano, rosemary, and basil). I mixed the veggies with the bread and poured the egg mixture over the top - put it all into a greased casserole dish and baked it for 40 minutes at 350. Voila!!! Savory bread pudding!!!

        Sorry I don't have an actual recipe - I made this one up as I went along. I didn't know how hamburger buns would work in a bread pudding, but MAN WAS IT GOOD! And really... it was pretty easy.

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          Breadcrumbs! You can make tuna or salmon cakes, or use the breadcrumbs in meatloaf. Another idea is making meatball sandwiches or other, non hotdog sandwiches. Bread freezes really well if wrapped properly. You can freeze them whole and decide later if you want to use them as buns or breadcrumbs.

          1. re: Texchef

            I second breadcrumbs - especially great if tossed with butter and used on mac and cheese as a topping. Also - sounds like they might be good for lobster rolls.

        2. - take a muffin pan
          - cut the crusts off the bread
          - push the crustless slices into the muffin pans
          - place diced gruyere and diced tomatoes into cups
          - place some basil pieces on top wit S&P
          - bake at 350 until melted and golden brown.

          These apps go so fast its amazing. jfood learned the recipe from a pretty famous chef in SF about 20 years agi, believe it or not.

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            Kinda hard to cut the crusts off of hot dog buns, methinks. :) But a wonderful idea for sliced bread (and what's better than sliced bread?) nonetheless.

            1. re: wino22

              jfood read "Wonder Bread" as a noun not an adjective.

              But if you ever have white bread to spare or just want some interestin apps, try these little cheese-tomato cups.

          2. Two quick thoughts. A Tuscan bread soup- Pappa Al Pomodoro, or a Strada.

            Putting my thinking cap on.