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Aug 8, 2007 03:28 PM

City Hall Farmer's Market Report?

Did anyone check out the City Hall market today? Curious to hear what the finds (and prices!) were like. Are peaches and corn in yet?

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  1. Unfortunately, I was out of town today, but I can tell you that they did indeed have both peaches and corn last week - and they were both sweet and delicious!

    1. I was there today and it was busy. I picked up some heirloom tomatoes, baby squash, and green beans...all for $10. Peaches....6 for $3.50. Corn (so incredibly sweet) 50 cents and ear...I only got two ears. Blueberries, $4 ...I think it's a pint. Peas - $2.50 a pint. And butter tarts....$4.50 for six. I had such a wonderful dinner!!!

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        yum! thanks -- i'll check out some of the markets happening tomorrow :)

      2. Today I bought zucchini blossoms ($4), big & toothsome green peas ($2.50), plump blackberries (don't remember the price), and gnarly but heavenly fingerling potatoes ($4). Tomorrow I'm heading over to the farmers' market at Metro Hall - not as big, but still convenient for those of us working in the financial district.

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        1. re: TheGloaming

          This might be a stupid question, but what does "toothsome" mean? I hear it used a lot, but does it have a more detailed meaning than "yummy"?

          1. re: jinxed

            Delicious, palatable, attractive, pleasing. I know, it may be an odd adjective for green peas, but I soooo love fresh, plump green peas...

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            my days are empty so i'll probably check out metro hall and/or dufferin grove or mel lastman's square or something. thanks!

          3. My haul yesterday...
            Beautiful sweet peas $2.50 small carton
            Nice green beans $3
            Beautiful fat red peppers - about 20 for $2.50
            Borlotti beans - $4 for medium carton
            Beefsteak tomatoes, really tasty - $4 for 5
            Small new garlic - $2.50 for small basket, about 12 heads

            Didn't get, but looked great...
            Melon, corn, new onions, broccoli, cauliflower, gooseberries, new potatoes.

            Wasn't 100% impressed with the early new haven peaches I got last week.

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            1. re: Mila

              that sounds like an amazing score on the red peppers! thanks for the update.

              1. re: wontonfm

                Oops, should have mentioned they were serrano peppers, the sort of hot ones. Still, I thought it was a good score and he threw in a handful of green chiles to try as well.

                1. re: Mila

                  THAT makes more sense! i was SHOCKED at the price of the ever valuable red peppers ;) thanks for clearing that up.