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Aug 8, 2007 03:24 PM

Niagara Falls "dining"?????

I am traveling to Niagara Falls with my family. Looking for some good, teen/foodie appealing meals. Do not want "chain restaurants" or to pass on good food in favor of "Falls View"-
any suggestions????

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  1. I haven't been there for years myself, but Richard Ouzounian's "Six Meals In..." feature in the Travel section of last weekend's Star was on Niagara Falls, so you might find some ideas there -

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    1. re: gregclow

      thanks! Just made some reservations!

    2. I ate once at CopaCabana, a Brazilian BBQ place, which is good for a large group. I think it is an AYCE. The address is 6671 Fallsview Blvd, tel: 905-354-8775. (I still have the signal card.)

      There's a buffet section for the non-meats, and waiters come around with huge chunks of skewered meats fresh from the grills and rotisserie-style ovens, that they carve directly onto your plate. You can even make requests for "medium" or whatever your preference. Love the grilled pineapples!
      We went on a weekend evening and got some live entertainment in the form of samba (?) dancers! It was a lot of fun, but may not appeal to foodies.

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      1. re: jinxed

        I agree that's an excellent restaurant, but that's a LONG way from Niagara Falls proper.

        1. re: grilledcheese

          Oh! I don't know what is considered Niagara Falls proper, but it was practically across the street from my hotel, which was the main reason we went. From my hotel (and ostensibly, the resto), I was in walking distance (by experience) to see the Falls, to that kitschy area with the fun houses and museums, to one of the casinos (which I believe runs a shuttle to the other one). This was in the middle of winter (January), when my acceptable "walking distance" is much shorter!

      2. The restaurant at Vinland Estates Winery, though not at The Falls is excellent, and it can get pricy for a family. You can eat inside or out, overlooking the vineyard. Their wines are generally quite nice as well.

        Overall it's a pleasant experience.

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        1. re: Scary Bill

          I don't believe the poster is looking for options that aren't in the falls area proper, or he/she would've also mentioned wine country/NOTL. In which case, I can give you five stellar restaurants off the top of the head -- (including Vineland, btw).

          So as for actually in and around the falls themselves, I'm afraid you're frustratingly out of luck. I mean, you've got some big names in Casino with Puck's place et al, and you can certainly end up with a nice enough meal at The Watermark, and you can have a reasonably cheap (but perfectly tasty, though far from being "special") sushi experience at Shibuki.

          You can have a very good steak at Monticello Grille (won Wine Spectator's Award 2004) along with all the other classic oldschool steakhouse offerings (awesome carpaccio).

          And lastly, if you have to settle for a chain, the Keg Fallsview actually produces at a pretty high level. I find that the bigger Keg restaurants turn to operate at a level above their smaller brothers and push themselves toward fine dining a lot more. I haven't had a bad steak there, though I haven't had an " 'f me" steak either.

          In any case, if you have the time, wine country dining is another story all together.

          1. re: Bueno

            I agree with Bueno. Wine Country Dining is the way to go. Hillebrand, Pellar, Zees, Stone Road Grille, Old Winery Restaurant, Oban Inn, Lots to choose from.