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Jan 19, 2006 06:11 PM

China Village at last - what mustn't I not order?

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I'm finally going to get to China Village with three companions on Saturday night. I've seen so many effusive posts here on a multitude of dishes - help me focus on the absolute Don't Miss dishes!

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  1. I think there are a few China Village in the Bay Area. Which one are you inquiring about?

    1. m
      mise en place

      the spicy boiled beef we had was excellent, especially sopped up with the doughy sesame flat bread...mmm

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      1. re: mise en place

        Second this!

        The nondescript Fish in Claypot is also excellent.

      2. r
        Robert Lauriston

        My favorites:

        Szechwan home style chicken
        West Style Spicy Fish
        dry-cooked bamboo shoots

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        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          Another favorite as of this week: the cold conch appetizer. The conch is sliced paper-thin and tossed with green onions in a light spicy dressing.

        2. I think we are referring to the China VIllage in Albany, on Solano Avenue.

          Get these:
          homestyle chicken (it is a cold "appetizer" dish)
          sesame bread (for four folks, one order could replace rice)
          lamb with cumin
          West style spicy fish -- although it is a big portion; one order provided a bowl of soup for each of us at a dinner for twelve.
          Ask the waiter what green veg is in season. Recently we had "A" choy and "yo choy" -- both excellent.

          On the menu you will see many dishes listed as "classic". Stay away from these -- they are the usual run-of-the-mill sweet and sour pork etc.

          Only one problem with this place -- our favorite dishes are so good that we order them each time, so we never get to try new things.

          1. village special seafood noodle soup
            village special lamb
            pork shoulder cooked for 14 hours
            sesame flatbread
            whatever greens are recommended

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            1. re: anniebananie

              I was disappointed with the village special seafood soup last time I was there -- one of the dishes that I think has deteriorated since the original chef left. Still, if you never had the earlier version, the current version is quite good.

              I agree with most of the other recs. Has anyone had the Chengdu shrimp lately? My favorite cold plate is the sliced pork in spicy garlic sauce.

              1. re: Ruth Lafler

                FWIW, I find the soup has a lot of variability in how flavorful the stock is. You can;t order it an depend on it being like it used to be, but sometimes it is. I actually had one of the best I've had only weeks ago.