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Considering getting some steaks from Lobels.com

I am considering buying some bone-in strip steaks from Lobels.com in NYC for a dinner party I am throwing soon. Any of the bayarea chowhounds used these guys in the past? If yes, how did it turn out?



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  1. Their Kobe Style strips are amazing (at almost $70/lb they better be). I've had these and I just did them black and blue.

    Their regular strips at $34/lb are really good, but the Niman Ranch strips are like $20 and are better IMO.

    You could always hit Bryan's on California St for some great Prime Strips, they charge like $30, and they're just as good as anything Lobels is going to charge you probably $40 with shipping on.

    1. if price is no deterrent, as far as butchers are concerned, there's lobel's and then there's everybody else.

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        You must be from New York. Lobel's is very good, better than most, but the meat is no better than any 1st class butcher here in SF. If ordering mail order makes it taste better to you, Coleman natural mail order has incredible strip steaks as does Peter Luger. Just avoid the Omaha steaks.

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          I agree with you on Bryan's meats, too. Coleman's can't touch it IMO.

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            actually with the prices that lobel's charges, a last minute round trip discount ticket from jfk to sfo to pick up a few strips and ribeyes might be worth it.

        2. I have had good luck with Lobel's...no local butcher in Tallahassee carries prime dry aged beef. Also Allen Brothers is good, as is Niman Ranch.

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            Do you find variances in flavor, even w/in the same brand? I had an Allen NY strip last week that was pretty tasteless, but the Allen rib eye was excellent.

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              Sometimes. Best, in my opinion to get the dry aged. Costs more, but more flavor. Bone in ribeye (aka Cowboy) is one of the best steaks you can get. Also the NY strip.

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                I agree, although I had two dry-aged NY strips at Forbes Mill: the first one was fantastic,and the second one was blah.

          2. Bryan's Meats in Corte Madera has some awesome steaks - prime Rib Eyes and New Yorks. And, they do mail order for those who can't get them in person.

            1. We do a taste-off of local and mail order meats a few times a year with some friends. They just moved to SF and although the competition was quite good, Lobels still holds the title of "best meat."

              Like all animal products, it can very in quality so sometimes it BEST MEAT and sometimes it is Best Meat and once it was best meat but it still wins...

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                LOL! Yes, that explains it for me, alright! Thanks!