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Aug 8, 2007 02:38 PM

In search of a great bowl of soup....(this is a challenge!)

No Jewish delis please (not that they don't have good soup, they have great soup...but it's always pretty the same thing at most Jewish delis so that's why I'm leaving them out of this list).....where can a person get a great bowl of soup in the areas of Santa Monica to Beverly Hills, or the West Valley? I'm frustrated with too salty and too! I'll kick off with Le Saigon on Santa Monica Blvd, I just had a bowl of Pho Ga that was quite nice....delicate flavors and nicely tender pieces of sliced chicken. Not a hearty chicken soup, but a nice light soup for a warm summer day.

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  1. The newsroom often has awesome soups. They change daily I believe. I know they have an offshoot, interim cafe, in Santa Monica. I've never been but I would guess that they also have soup...

    1. The best soup I've had out here was a roasted red pepper soup at the Napa Valley Grille in Westwood. Just the perfect amount of creaminess blended into the peppery taste. I guess that's not ideal for stopping by and grabbing a bowl, but it is the best I've had.
      Also incredibly good is the Avgolemono soup at the Great Greek on Ventura. I think that fits under West Valley. The lemon adds a needed kick to the usual chicken soup. If I were feeling ill, I'd want nothing but that soup.

      1. Le Petit Cafe in Santa Monica makes a mean French Onion Soup.

        1. The Sopa de Azteca at Monte Alban is truly, truly, truly outrageous...

          1. vegetable puree at delmonico's (not the best restaurant, but that soup is really good... love the blackened prawns, garlic spinach, and grilled corn too)

            ivy for corn chowder


            lentil soup at carnival

            grub's tomato soup

            albondigas at mi india bonita

            sopa de fideo at tere's

            doughboys esp french onion

            sopa de azteca at monte alban


            islands' tortilla soup

            rambutan thai

            literati cafe

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                best soup i've had is at Follow Your Heart in canoga park(west valley). I really hope you try the soup there, if you havent already