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Looking for Good Chicken Wings in Northern VA

I am a diehard chicken wing fan and I have yet to find a place in Northern Virginia that is top notch. My favorite place is actually near Charleston, SC where my brother lives. It is a chain called Wild Wing. I use all them as a comparison to all the ones I eat at here and none come close. I have tried wings at Buffalo Wing University, Hooters, Champs, Kilroy's, and Damons just to name a few and they don't compare to Wild Wing.

Does anyone know of any really good places to get a variety of different types of wings in Northern Virginia? I am desperate for a great place not the mediocre ones I have eaten at.

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  1. I think the best hot wings are at Bungalow Billiards - especially with the 3 mile island sauce on the side. Their blue cheese is pretty good, too.

    The best wings in general are the wood fired ones at Johnny's Half Shell on Cap Hill, btw.

    Buffalo Wing Factory is a local chain that has baseline decent hot wings but also quite a few flavors.

    Edit: Just found out that BWF is related familialy to Wing University - so they're probably pretty similar - but again - this is just a baseline imo.

    Jimmy as in Jimmy's in Herndon is from Buffalo and offers wings, but oddly enough I think they're nearly the worst thing on the otherwise terrific menu.

    1. I love wings, and can be picky - but I don't have a standard to which I hold my wings to. I love the wings at Clydes - they are plump, nicely crisp, not a lot of skin and have a decent sauce. I like these enough b/c of the combo I described above. They don't offer different flavors - but I am really not into that anyways.

      Give them a try :)

      1. So I am not so picky about wings, as I don't eat them all that often, but I like Rhodeside Gill, not the pepper sauce though! There have been some rather recent threads on this you can probably find?

        1. For what its worth, there is a Wild Wing location in Chesapeake, VA.

          My favorite place around for the variety of different styles, as you describe, is Buffalo Wing Factory. If you are just looking for straight up hot buffalo style wings, its a matter of personal preference it seems. I too like Bungalow Billiards in this regard.

          1. Another place (I don't know if there is one in NOVA) that I love spicy wings from is a chain called Cluck U Chicken.

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                ahhh..wild wings!! that is the best place! there is one in charlottesville va. honestly nothing compares to wild wings. i seriously have never been to any place as good for wings ever and ive yet to find a place as good in the DC area.

              2. The Buffalo Wing Factory is Reston does a decent job. Their wings are normal, unbreaded wings like you'd find at the Anchor Bar or Duff's in Buffalo. They have at least two dozen sauces as well.

                1. Try the newly opened Bon Chon Chicken for wings Korean Fried Chicken style.

                  6653 Little River Turnpike, Annandale. Open late!

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                    Bon Chon's wings and chicken are sublime. Perfect combination--crispy, juicy, flavorful.

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                      I totally agree - Bon Chon is the best in NoVa! I like the non-spicy, soy-garlic variety, but don't forget to call ahead, otherwise you may have a bit of a wait. Also love the sweet daikon pickles.

                  2. The best wings in Northern Virginia are at the South Riding Inn. Clyde's at Tyson's Corner have the best otherwise but are limited in offerings to regular (hot), straight Franks I think, and "Death Wings" which are better there, but vary from Clyde's to Clyde's and aren't as good at other Clyde's.

                    There's a new place opening in Warrenton too, next to the Comfort Inn (forget the name of the place although it has 'wings' in the name) that will have the best wings in Virginia as well.

                    Otherwise, yes, a very dry region for good wings if you're from Buffalo or WNY where good wings "grow on trees" as it were.

                    1. I have not been but there is a place in the heart of Ballston called Buffalo D's Wings N Things, on the east end of the strip of stores on Fairfax Dr that faces the Metro entrance. It's connected to The Food Factory in the back. good luck wing fans

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                        Save yourself the trouble of going to Buffalo D's - the service is awful! I used to be a regular, but the wing quality has definitey gone downhill since we started going here about a year ago, so it doesn't make up for the bad service. I'd recommend Hard Times Cafe instead. Yummy!

                      2. WingZone on Mt. Vernon in Alexandria has many varieties and are pretty good. They aren't the best ever, but they are a solid wing.

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                          I second WingZone - in an area somewhat devoid of tasty take-out options, I enjoyed both the wings and the sides. Again, I agree - not the "best ever" but solid.
                          I also just tried Hard Times in Old Town for Wednesday Wing Night - $3.49 for a pound of extra meaty, tasty wings. We had the Chili Lime, which was more Chili than Lime, and the Honey BBQ, which was great. I'm just moved here from Brooklyn, NY, so pardon any *obvious* reviews...

                        2. If you are ever in the Rockville/Gaithersburg, MD area you should check out Wingstop. They don't try to be everything to everybody. They just specialize in wings and do it very well. Check them out @ www.wingstop.com

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                            I have a problem with Wingstop - they use Troy Aikman as their spokesperson. Why would you have BUFFALO wings and use the COWBOYS quarterback as your spokesperson??

                            You might as well just put Don Shula or Dan Marino in there.

                            That said, as a native Buffalonian, I have a hell of a time finding good wings here. It seems that people are afraid of the hard-fry, but that's what gives wings that great crunchy skin. Soggy skin is awful.

                          2. I'd also recommend Chadwick's. I go to the Old Town location. They're huge with lots of chunky blue cheese on the side.


                            1. There is also a Wingstop in Alexandria. Good stuff.

                              1. My friends and I recently had the wings at Bugsy's in Old Town, Alexandria. They were huge, and I thought they were quite yummy.

                                1. WINGS TO GO
                                  07678 RICHMOND HY C ALEXANDRIA VA
                                  is extremely delicious.

                                  1. No mention of Kilroy's in Burke? I order the Cajun wings, drumettes only, and they are a full meal.

                                    1. I'll add Chadwicks to the list. Huge, great sauce and really chunky blue cheese. Yum!

                                      1. My friends usually drive south I-95 just to get some buffalo wings. The place is called Buffalo Phillys besides Lowes store. I don't think they sell beer, but their wings are really good.