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Aug 8, 2007 01:44 PM

Dove Vivi

This is more of a plug because I had their pizza (27 and Glisan NE) with its thick chicago-like cornmeal crust with fresh seasonal pies - and it was to die for! Not only did they do half-pies so we could try about 4 differnet ones, they serves us a mound of broccoli and mugrooms, beets and blue cheese on separate plates for 6 of us for salad. The owner and server was so sweet from Homer, Alaska and the sign is a bit inconspicuous and although they are gearing up for the crowds that I know will soon to come, its a dream right now so if you get a chance, check it out. Any other pizza suggests of a gourmet type besides apizza scholls and ken's are well taken as I have a new little pizza club going to sample places monthly. Ciao!

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    1. re: janedoe67

      Yes, sorry to not clarify that. ; )

    2. I haven't tried it yet. I've heard good things, though. The way it was explained to me: Chicago style with California flavors. I'd love to have Chicago style with Chicago flavors, but anything good is good.

      If you're looking for more gourmet pizzas, your other best choices are Nostrana, Wildfire (very new), and -- an hour away, but in the same league -- Apizza in Stayton.

      Otherwise, you can hit the restaurants serving pizza like Cafe Castagna, Lauro, Tabla (just added), Wildwood, Red Star, Olea, Pazzo, and so on.

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      1. re: extramsg

        I look forward to your review. And thanks for the recommendations. I am not impressed with Nostrana. But Wildfire, I will checkout and have no clue where Stayton is?

        Being from Cali, I'd say its more NW staples on chicago-style pizza crust given their seasonal selections.

        1. re: Cognac

          With the pizza at Nostrana, or just Nostrana? I actually prefer their pizza to Ken's. But I can understand why some people have gotten fed up with the service there. Only been to Wildfire once and it needs to improve to get me to choose to drive to it over the other three hot-oven pizzas in town. (But that by no means implies that it's bad or even average pizza.)

          Stayton is 10 minutes east of Salem on 22. They don't have a website, I don't think, but info here:

          1. re: extramsg

            Pizza - I went with two Europeans - they were not impressed and yes the service blew too, but this was well in the beginning when it had all the press. Needless to say none of us returned and we are all Ken faithfuls. Maybe things got better altogether. Who knows, its pizza.

            1. re: Cognac

              Yeah, but would they like ANYthing here. Afterall, America sucks you know. (But if they're from Sweden or Denmark, just say "IKEA meatballs" to them and you win any palate argument. IKEA meatballs v Big Mac. Score 1 for the USA. IKEA meatballs v chalupa. Score 2 for the USA. IKEA v Popeye's fried chicken. Game, set and match.)

              The only thing that bugs me about the pizza at Nostrana is that it comes uncut and they give you a dull knife and too small a plate to cut it on. But I think Nostrana's brighter sauce works better for the style of the pizza and I think they do every bit as good a job with the crust and use high quality ingredients. (I believe they even make their own mozzarella. I assume it's from curds, not scratch, but still...)

              Try lunch. It's less busy.


              1. re: extramsg

                Ha! Actually I introduced on German to S'mores while camping. I think that topped all - he was a s'more embarrasingly so for Halloween. Win won for Hershey's (bad choc), marshmellows (the downfall of American sugary goodness) and graham crackers. Things can be Lecka (yummy) here. I hear it a lot.

                BTW, Swedish meatballs at Ikea are a cheap way to feed the kids. Someone should write a whole article why parents with small toddlers go to Ikea to feed.