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Drinks for BBQ - besides beer...


I’m having a big BBQ/Party soon and I thought it would be fun to have some drinks for guests that don't require a blender or me tending bar all night. any ideas?

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  1. When I make jello shots, I chill the vodka/tequila/rum and use the alcohol in place of the cold water called for on the box. So it's basically an even amount of booze and hot water, then pour into your 'shot glasses' (I use ramekins or mini paper cups) and chill. I've found that the citrus jellos work best - lime, lemon, orange.

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      That's odd. I posted this answer to a specific question about jello shooters. Now that topic is gone and my response is here...

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        I know..it's my fault. i had originally posted that question and then saw that someone else was also asking about Jello shots...and this was the other question i wanted to ask. So no, you are not going crazy! Thanks for the answer though!

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        I do the jello thing sometimes too -- but I use the recipe for jello jigglers. It's kinda funny because guests can pick them up with their hands and you don't have to worry about dixie cups. The best was when I made a TON of jello jiggler boozy easter eggs to bring to opening day at shea stadium. Party fun!

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          Thats great, I have been bringing orange and blue jello shots to Shea for OD for the last 6-7 years.

      3. Depending on how many guests you expect, there are a lot of drinks you could mix ahead of time and store in coolers or pitchers. I've done this with margaritas and mint juleps and it works out very well.

        1. A big bucket or tub of Sangria is perfect at a big BBQ.

          Use a few bottles or jugs of not-too-expensive red wine, citrus soda, plus sliced lemons, oranges, apples, and some brandy, and mix it in the bucket with ice. There are lots of more refined recipes out there, but this is a good starting point.

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            I was going to say sangria too! We used to make it for parties a lot and everyone loved it! I think I used a recipe from Epicurious.

          2. sweet tea is the classic drink, so a longisland ice-tea would be good. also absolute citron in lemonade would be good and can be made by the pitcher.

            1. depending on where you are having your bbq and budget - you can rent margarita/daiquiri machines from a party rental supplier - they typically deliver - mix the drink - set-up and supply cups and straws - all you need to supply is the alcohol - then they come and take it away the next day - usually a crowd pleaser on a hot day!

              1. Gin and tonic. It cuts through fats and grease and is light and refreshing.

                White wine or red wine sangria.

                Make pitchers of rum punch or any type of punch.

                1. It's very simplistic, but I've made this for a few summer parties and people love it...get a bottle of tropical blue pucker and some sprite. Mix 1 part pucker to 2 parts sprite with lots of ice....enjoy!

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                    Whenever we have a BBQ I open a lot of Zinfandel (real Zinfandel, not White Zinfandel) to go with it. But then most of my friends are fellow wine geeks.

                  2. Modified juleps work the best: Take a 5-gallon gatorade container, add a block of ice, pour in 1/2 gallon of bourbon, about a pint of Rose's Lime (to taste -- or equivalent amount of fresh squeezed lime juice), add club soda, a huge bunch if mint that you've twisted up with your hands (1/2 soccer ball size). Add sugar (should be moderately sweet). Then when serving, have at hand club soda on the side, fill the glass/cup with ice, 3/4 fill of the mix, top off with club soda. Garnish with mint. When served, it should be pretty watered down, the color of a weak iced tea. It will cut the grease in BBQ, compliment the sauce, and surprise people who aren't bourbon drinkers.

                    1. I always fancy a lemonade-based drink for barbecue. I went through a Blue Lagoon phase a while back, and my guests always loved them but I'm sure there other less color-intensive choices... you can make them ahead in a pitcher and pour over ice.

                      For the Blue Lagoons I substitute Bacardi Limon for the vodka and it went over very well.

                      1. At our college football tailgate parties we always have those big orange coolers filled with Sweet Leaf Tea (the sweet variety) and vodka (Tito's- a local variety). Goes well with the copious amount of BBQ we eat each game day.

                        1. surprisingly enough, champagne or sparkling wine makes a perfect pairing with bar-b-que.

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                            Not surprising at all--I agree that sparkling wine goes very well with BBQ (and most anything else, for that matter, IMO). There are good cavas and proseccos that can be bought fairly cheaply by the case.

                            If available locally, Gruet sparkling wines (from New Mexico) are excellent, and very inexpensive.

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                              I say Very dry,very cold,with a twist, and an olive martinis that way if you burn the food...no one will care

                          2. How we used to do it in the old days was get a couple of quarts of Wild Turkey, put them on a table and loosen the caps. Voila!