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Aug 8, 2007 01:14 PM

Sonsie, Seriously????

For better or worse, I'm meeting an old buddy at Sonsie for dinner. It's convenient for him, and he insists. So what, if anything, is great to eat at Sonsie. I looked at the menu on line and I'm curious about the steamed mussels, goat cheese ravioli, tagliatelle w/baby clams and swordfish steak w/fresh corn tamales. Has anyone tried any of these dishes, or is there anything on the menu that you highly recommend??? Thank you very much.

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  1. I gotta start this by saying that I worked there for a while a few years back. That said I was impressed with the quality of the food comming out of the kitchen. The chef could have had the sysco truck pull up to the back of the restuarant and unload the menu. He chose to make everything from scratch. Ignore the eurotrash scumbags wearing sunglasses at night and enjoy the meal.

    ps. I always liked the hamburger pizza

    1. While never a top pick if I'm doing the choosing, I agree that the food in the dining room is surprisingly good (I just ignore the bar and sidewalk cafe scene) -- and the service has always been professional to impressive.

      The mussels I had were really good -- not Central Kitchen or Neptune Oyster good, but at least Eastern Standard good. The glass of wine the server recommended also worked well. I hope your experience is also good.

      1. Do a search on Joanie and Sonsie - she has good things to say.
        I do too, but can't remember any specific dishes.

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          I had the mussels, very average, and the tagliatelle, that was very good. Tonight confirmed the old notion that i had about the place; It's a scene with decent food. From a business perspective, the place was packed, the ac was working pretty well, and I'll bet when everyone cashed out tonight everyone was happy. Service at the bar was excellent, despite the fact that the bartender occassionally laughed/squealed like a seal. I'm funny, but her reaction was a little over the top. I would have tipped her well without the hyena laugh...

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            Do you remember if they still had the pizza w/ bacon and whatever else on the menu?

        2. dangit, i'm late to this. the service always seems like nails on a blackboard to me here, but the pizzas and salads are decent and i like the main room.

          1. I always was surprised at the quality of the food there.

            That said, the last time I tried to eat there I got so much attitude from the hostess I left. We (two guys) were actually trying to get seats in the cafe area as it was a beautiful night out and they were 80% empty. They were obviously saving the seats for euro flashy women (can't argue with this from a marketing perspective) and would not seat us in front. Each of us had definitely bathed in the last week or two ;-) as well.

            It just came across as tacky. Haven't eaten there since.

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              Did you say, "Don't you know who I am?!"

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                I know the feeling, they didn't exactly beg me to sit in the window...It's not easy being us.