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Aug 8, 2007 01:07 PM

5th Avenue in Park Slope, North of Union?

Hello everyone,

Any kind of food, ~$20pp for dinner, cozy, quiet, not too long a wait a plus, any suggestions? If those are too limiting, just plain good food will do.


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  1. it's right around Union - I like Tamari if you're in the mood for Japanese homestyle food and cold sake (I would be on a day like this!) never had a wait and I think it's cozy

    1. Long Tan has reasonable Thai food and good ambiance . . .

      1. I like Los Pollitos on 5th and Douglas, also Alchemy (which I think is on 5th) is supposed to be great... if you don't mind going a bit off 5th on Dean, Taro Sushi is both affordable and awesome

        1. Miriam for Israeli food.

          1. Love Bogata.
            partcularly their arroz con pollo

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              Bogota is delicious (I'd recommend the arroz con pollo too, as well as the bandeja paisa, and definitely the arepa with chunky guacamole--yum!), but it might not have the quiet atmosphere the OP was looking for. The bar can be noisy at times, and they occasionally have live mariachi music. They do, however, have a back patio that is often quieter. Perhaps you can request to sit out there if the weather is nice.