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Aug 8, 2007 01:04 PM

Does L.A. have a restaurant week?

I went to college in D.C. and I was talking to a friend is partaking in their summer restaurant week this week where chefs at some of the city's best restaurants offer prix fix three-course meals. ($20 for lunch, $30 for dinner) Does Los Angeles do something similar?

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  1. Yes, it's being advertised on the banner on this page to the right of the message I'm posting. Check out for details. Participation is not as high as NYC, but there are still some deals.

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        The one in DC is a bit different though. It was quite a few restaurants in the city, and held during traditional down times in the biz. Anyway, in DC, it was usually during the dog days of summer when Congress and the lobbyists had left town (along with 1/2 the population.) Some of the best restaurants in DC participated. The Dineout thing that's been advertised on Chowhound is something different, it's for charity and is much smaller in scale. As far as I've been able to tell, LA doesn't have a down time like DC does, nor does it have a comparable restaurant week.

        1. re: writergirl

          You are correct that they are different, but remember how large LA is in comparison to DC. Also that there is no down time here. I have added some links for you below that are some exceptional events. I have attended or participated, basically eaten at some of the restaurants at both of the areas. They do have more upscale restaurants, but not necessarily all fine dining experiences.

          Newport Beach

          San Diego

          Sorry, the above 2 events do not occur until January

          1. re: justagthing

            I completely agree, if you note I said LA doesn't have a down-time. LA is blessed (?) with year-round tourists and people don't all flee at once during the summer. I wouldn't trade LA's restaurant scene for DC's restaurant week, that's for sure!

            As for the USAdineout event, it looks like The Grill has a good menu.

            1. re: writergirl

              Yes, I was agreeing with you on the no down time. I didn't see any menus the last time I looked, so I will have to revisit. Thanks.

    1. Newport Beach area also has one, or at least they did their first one last year. Hoping that other cities will catch on. Also, most cities tend to do the Taste of weekends. Those can be fun, but I prefer restaurant weeks. OK, not LA, but San Diego has a great one.