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Aug 8, 2007 12:24 PM

Delivery In Laurel Canyon

I have a friend who will be housebound for the next several months. He lives near the top of Laurel Canyon on the City Side,

He is desperate for some decent food. Can any Hounds suggest places that will deliver? He is open to any type of food as long as the quality is good.

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    1. Pace is excellent.
      Also, Kung Pao Bistro for Chinese and Great India Cafe, both are located on Ventura Blvd and deliever to Laurel Canyon area.

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          Oh yes, very good and quick friends live off of Look Out Mtn and Laurel Cyn and we've ordered from them quite a bit when we didn't want to get in the car (usually there had been wine involved...mmm) pizza, salad, full meals, it's all been good and as good as if we had sat down to eat...the food travels surprisingly well.

          1. re: tatertotsrock

            Hi, we live in Laurel Canyon (Kirkwood Bowl area) & love to have Pace delivered (be forewarned it can be expensive, but is excellent). For Indian food, we order from the Curry House on Sunset (we always get it extra hot/spicy). For Chinese, we order from Hunan, also on Sunset, which is Szechuan, & which we of course have to have extra hot (don't ask for it that way unless you are hot/spicy fans). For deli, we order from the best deli in LA, Greenblatt's. We are having trouble finding a great replacement for Thai; the place we used to order from stopped delivering here, & we were disappointed with Sunset Thai. I think Cheebo now delivers here too.

        2. The original comment has been removed