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Good Italian in Studio City area?

For a birthday, but doesn't need to be particularly fancy. Just good solid Italian food. Thanks!

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  1. Il Tiramisu in Sherman Oaks on Ventura.

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    1. re: Diana

      I second Il Tiramisu, just had a lovely birthday dinner there!

      1. re: CarlieInLA

        Third Il Tiramisu.

        Have liked Risotto, Panzanella, and Cucina Bene ain't bad.

      1. By far the best and most affordble, Little Toni's @ 4745 Lankershim Blvd
        North Hollywood, CA 91602
        (818) 763-0131

        They have a family meal that you can get for 4 or more which starts with bread, salad-yummy blue cheese and italian dressing, then spaghetti, then pizza. It is so yummy and I think it is $40 add more for more people.

        1. Oliva. Vanuys blvd and moorpark accross from the in and out. AMAZING lasagna.

            1. There isn't one, nor in Sherman Oaks either!
              but ca del sole on Lankershim & Cahuenga is more enjoyable than the rest with at least comparable, maybe better food.

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                Excuse Me carter, but you must not have tried Oliva or La Loggia yet...Ca De Sole used to be good back in 92-94 but hasn't been good since...the only thing good is the patio (except people smoke out there) and the Prosecco they pour during the Sunday Brunch...other than that...CDS is not that impressive.

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                  I tried Oliva twice, and must say it was not bad, yet nothing different from most anything anyone else is doing. Nice people, just like at Tiramisu, Spumoni, Risotto, Mezzomondo, Panzanella, and La Loggia. Yet, take a blind taste test and you could not tell any of them apart and they all seem to be serving the same menu, by and large.
                  And while spumoni may be known for its gnocchi, it will never be an item of interest to me personally. I really have to strain to find something to order that I really WANT to eat, as opposed to something I will eat as others have decided the venue and I come along with them. I would never select any of them, given a choice.
                  The only good thing about ca del sole is the ambiance, patio included, yet agree that the food is not what it used to be, yet it still holds up well against all those mentioned in this post.
                  I will also never know about the Prosecco as I don't do brunch at all, and seldom Prosecco even at dinner.

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                  Carter is right - Ca'del'Sol is probably the best option.
                  Then there are several, vaguely acceptable options - MezzoMondo, Tiramisu & Loggia.
                  To my knowledge, there is not anything close to a stellar Italian restaurant in the Valley.

                  1. OLIVA

                    La Loggia
                    La Loggia
                    La Loggia!


                    And very good service and lovely wine lists and mellow, no pretense, atmosphere....you can get dolled up or dressed down and will feel welcome in both.

                    1. I prefer Spumoni, just around the corner from Oliva on Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks. The gnocchi is generally fantastic.

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                        Spumoni on Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks is very good -- just was there last evening. Home-style Italian at reasonable prices. Neighborhood place!

                      2. I haven't been in ages, no longer live in the area, but San Remo, last I recall, made really good Italian.