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Aug 8, 2007 12:14 PM

Chicken Tikka Masala In the financial district

Hi I am looking for a place to get indian food............Near FD and DTXing.

I am pregnant and been craving this for days.................


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  1. The only place that I can think of is the Indian place in the foodcourt at Faneuil Hall but I can't vouch for it as I've never had it there.

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    1. re: lissy

      I've had it at the food court. OK if you have an Indian food craving; which I occassionally do. There's also an OK.. Indian in the Downtown Xing Food Court..barely ok

      Mantra on Temple St usually has it on their lunch buffet..more expensive but much better.

    2. If I had to choose between the Faneuil Hall food and Mantra, I'd actually take the 15 minute walk and head to Kashmir on Newbury St in Back Bay (or take the green line for 2 stops to Copley). More expensive than the foodcourt, but probably cheaper than Mantra.

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      1. re: kobuta

        Kashmir and Mantra are priced about $2 apart..also owned by the same people.

        T fare would eat up that savings and I don't know how easy it is for a pregnant woman to walk from the FD to Kashmir/or the hassle factor if you didn't feel like a walk or not have the time.

        There's also Tantric in the Transportation Building/Park Sq.

        1. re: 9lives

          Having grown up in the city and used to walking everywhere, I consider a 15 minute is really quick. Though I do get surprised whenever I hear people describe that as long walk.

          Not that my meal was bad at Mantra, but I thought their fusion cuisine was better than the true Indian dishes (which were limited when I was there - fusion was most definitely the focus). For me, if I get a craving, I'd go for the unadulterated version. Maybe prices have changed, but I remember having dinner for roughly 25-30/person at Kashmir, with appetizers (no drinks). I remember spending closer to 30-40 at Mantra.

          1. re: kobuta

            I walk a lot too..and 15 mins is not long for me either. But I'm thinking of a pregnant woman in 90F heat..which is what it was today. I prefer unaldulterated too..but the OP had a geographic (and I assumed time) restriction.

            I don't much like Mantra..and think dinner stinks on a price/value..or just plain quality basis...; but their buffet lunch is pure Indian buffet..not the fusion they do at dinner..and it's as good as anyplace nearby..likely the same as Kashmir's for $2 they are owned by the same group.

            If the OP had asked for chicken tikka masala in the Back Bay, I'd agree completely with Kashmir...

            My Mantra reco is only for a Downtown Xing/FD lunch..nothing more. Dinner, I'd hit a lot of other places before Mantra.

        2. re: kobuta

          Unless it's changed recently, Kashmir's ownership group also owns Mantra and Mela (in the South End). The food in all three are comparable in price and quality in my experience, although Mantra's dinner is much more French-inspired than Indian.

        3. Honestly, I don't think you'll find good Indian food in the immediate area unless you take the T for a stop or two. The Financial District is lacking in a few types of cuisine, including Indian food.

          1. Best place to go for Indian in the Financial District is Mantra on Temple. Their lunch buffet is very good and should certainly hit the spot for an Indian craving....

            1. I can't give a good recommendation for Tikka Masala in that area, but if you're really craving it and can't find a good one, the Tikka Masala recipe in this month's Cooks Illustrated is outstanding. I made it on Sunday, it took under 2 hours from start to finish and I had plenty for leftovers the next day. It was honestly the best Tikka Masala I've ever had and I cooked it myself.