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Aug 8, 2007 12:13 PM

Restaurants in Montauk?


Where are your fave places to eat in Montauk? TIA!

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  1. Dave's Grill, without doubt. But you must go there in person at 4PM to get a primetime reservation. Bring a book and enjoy the sun while you wait for them to start taking reservations at 4:30. Worth the effort. Also Harvest is great, abundant food right on the water.

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    1. re: frank113

      I couldn't disagree more about Dave's in Montauk. The owner/operators/staff are hauty and unfriendly. There is a $25 minimun charge per seating which would not be outrageous if any of the regular menu items were attractive to a diner. A request for a dinner sized portion of one of the appetizers was simply a larger number of the parts with no accompanying sides to make it a dinner. They could not care less.

      1. re: feelinpeckish

        I don't like Daves either, and as I recall they serve on paper plates to top it off. (At least the night I was there, what a madhouse!)
        Try The Dock, right near Dave's, for great fresh seafood and pub stuff, and also O'Murphys in town for the same. For fancier, definitely try Sole East on Second House Road.

      1. In today's East Hampton Star the food critic reviewed Daves........ Impressive review,
        Food far above average for the hi end places out here, service agreeable if not swift, decor minimal, $25 minimum per person and reservation policy quirky.

        Goes to show ya......oh, Ina Garten agrees with the reviewer.

        1. I'm hearing good things about the Old Harbor House, which just opened a week ago. Located where Blue Marlin/Old Shebeen used to be at the railroad station. It's a steak house, but I heard raves about their duck and seafood dishes, especially the escargot and the stuffed shrimp. I'll let you know more once I try it for myself. Prices are moderate, they totally redid the building and it looks bright and cheerful now.

          1. Dave's Grill the best fish ever!
            We spend lots of time in Montauk, and have tried almost every place there.

            The Harvest.. excellent
            ENE.. total disappointment and major rip-off

            The Dock.. we love the Soft Shell Crab Sandwich and the delicious Spinach Salad with herbal Basil dressing. I make it at home all the time now!