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Aug 8, 2007 11:32 AM

I want to eat good food for once with my coworkers downtown!

Hi all!

I have been given the responsibilty to find a lunch spot for a company celebration. The problem is there are many variables and I just can't decide. That's why I turn to all of you!

So here are issues:
- 14 people
- some vegetarian
- multicultural (south asian, european, latin american, asian, american, plus) coworkers with little culinary adventure
- located on bay street, but will travel for the right food
- we did firkin last time and it was ok, but for me the food was mediocre
-priced under $20, prefered under $15

Some suggestions from them so far are kama, the host, spring rolls, and thai dish. Some ideas i have are: xacutti, beer bistro, metropolitan, siddhartha.


- Kelly

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  1. while cheaper than your goals...salad king might be fun

    upstairs is okay to sit around in

    1. under $15....Xacutti?? forget about it......Sidhartha lunch buffet is about $10 +drinks...

      1. Indian buffet is one of the things that might actually come in under $15, with vegetarian options. Kama's is mediocre -- too many dishes, most of them blah. Much better is Little India, on Queen, just west of University. You'll need a reservation, though.

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        1. re: estragon

          I've been at Little India for a buffet lunch with a group of 20, and they were very accommodating. The food there is excellent, and the buffet is around $10, before tax and tip.

        2. Try Beer Bistro. I often go there with work groups and everyone has always enjoyed. They have great fries and the lunch menu is in your price range. Make a reservation as they get busy during the lunch hour.

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          1. re: JennyBenny

            Mmmm BeerBistro. How about Tutti Matti? They had a prix fixe lunch menu when i went, and everything was great.

          2. Salad King for sure - we go there all the time with work people from all cultures, picky, veg, everything.

            Might try Terroni as well.... Italian, good, lots of selection.

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            1. re: thenurse

              Terroni is so small though, I don't know if they'd do a reservation for 14.

              One of my team's regular spots is Spadina Garden on Dundas, just west of Bay. Yueh Tung, also on Dundas, just a little further west of Bay is another pretty good option for inexpensive, pretty good food, quick service and accomodation for a large group, some of whom are vegetarian.

              1. re: Medira

                Terroni doesn't do reservations at all. Getting seating for that many people would be next to impossible.

                1. re: paper_bag_princess

                  I made lunch hour reservations on a weekday @ Terroni, back in May. But it was only for four people. When I arrived, most of the tables had "reserved" signs.