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Aug 8, 2007 11:28 AM

Pie place on the Cape?

I know there are a couple places for pies but need reminding. I stopped at one around Dennis I think on Rt. 6A but there's another one, no? I'll be heading to P-town on Fri. day time and would like a quick detour for pie (if indeed it is a quick detour).

What about fried clams or a lobster roll? I've been to the clam place in Wellfleet (Moby Dick's?), Creme n Cone (not so close to Rt. 6) and Frosty's (I think). Any easy ones I'm missing? Thanks.

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  1. People rave about the Pies at Marion's Pie Shop in Chatham (Rt 28) and clams at Friendly Fisherman in Eastham (Rt 6), shortly after the Orleans Rotary heading to P-Town on the right. Also, Arnolds in Eastham but the waiting lines are pretty bad and many say that the clams at FF are better (although I believe that most posters say to stay away from the lobster roll at the FF).

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      Clem & Ursie in Ptown makes good fruit pies. I have tried their blueberry and mixed berry, sold as well at the Hillside Farmstand on Rt. 6 in Truro (East bound side). Cottage St. Bakery in Orleans (right near the Christmas (?) Store, off 6A) is hit or miss. The filling of their peach and blueberry was superb, but the crust is not as good as C&U's.

      I love the fried scallops at Arnold's. Their onion rings are excellent as well. My only complaint about them is that they only sell one size portion. The mound of onions is simply too much to eat, even with a family of four - - admittedly three of whom are diet-conscious females.

      Have yet to try Friendly Fisherman.

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        Second Clem & Ursie's pies. I had a fried cod rueben there on my last night in Ptown on our recent vacation. The sandwich was delicious and C&U's is still fun for sitting at the bar and watching everyone.

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          I second that..had 2 in May..the best IMHO aside from Raw Bar..

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            Now that I recall, it was the chowda at FF that many posters say to avoid not the lobster roll.

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              Definitely avoid the chowder at all costs.....I can't imagine *what* they are thinking with's just plain bad. So strange........

      2. So I completely forgot about Clem & Ursie's and had no pie during my trip. Eating was okay overall, nothing too mind boggling. While heading out in the rain on Fri., I stopped at Arnold's but the line was ridiculous, even tho people had to stand around holding an umbrella. I wanted to eat soon since we had early dinner reservations so I picked the next spot I saw, Sea Dog. Okay at best. At least I could sit right down at the bar but the clam roll wasn't the best ever and onion strings weren't so good ($12.95). Would a lobster roll have been better? Had I known Friendly Fisherman was just up the street with what looked like no line, I would have waited. That nite we went to the Mews and had a nice table in the corner of the cafe with a good view of the rainbows. Waitress was great dealing with the two young kids at our table. We adults started with martinis as big as our heads but i should know that a peach martini made with schnapps and not fruit puree is not for me, headache later that nite. We split a lot of stuff, crab cakes ($12) were good and crabby, some tempura sushi, oysters, salad w/ gorgonzola and a great lobster risotto. Rice was maybe a little too sticky but lots of lobster ($29). Gelatos at the Purple something were okay but I had a weird bite or two in my tiramisu.

        The next day after the beach we hung out at our pool at the Cape Inn where they have a grill. The food is very basic but that greasy cheeseburger really hit the spot and may have been my favorite food of the trip. Timing I think. The family got told the wrong wait time at the Lobster Pot so they ended up at the Gov. Bradford for not the best stuffed shrimp inthe world. I think drawn butter would have helped. Kids got pasta and an order of fish n chips which were deemed the best of the dinners. I had a bite of cole slaw and that was above average. I met a friend and we ate on the top deck at Level for an okay meal served by a sweet Lithuanan guy. He started with a basil lemon martini that tasted mostly of lemon and was refreshing, I just had a prosecco. We split a spinach salad with cranberries and nuts then an exotic mushroom pizza which somehow didn't have a whole lot of taste, but it filled us up. I got a good grapenut cone and he got a dish of oreo at Twisted Sister.

        Got the best iced coffee I've had in a while at Cicchetti's then figured I'd forego sweet stuff for Portugese croissant at the Port. bakery. It looked better than it tasted, maybe if she'd warmed it but I was saving it for later. Oh well. Once the rain cleared out, we couldn't have asked for better weather and had an easy drive back to Boston. A nice time, just not the most earth shattering food ever.