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Aug 8, 2007 11:08 AM

Asking The Chef to Choose My Meal.

If I asked the chef to surprise me and pick my choices for dinner. Do you think the chef would give me what is most popular, what he/she is most proud of, or what they aren't selling enough of and need/want to get rid of?

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  1. IMO what he/she is most proud of and/or what is not commonly found at other places that would make a statement to both you and his/her surroundings.

    A flamed grilled sirloin might not make the same statement in Boston, as maybe a nice seafood dish fresh from the ocean.

    1. I did this once at the Snack Bar in Philadelphia and the chef went wild, sending me out some complimentary sample dishes that he wanted me to taste. I was thrilled and sent him back a glass of his favorite cocktail concoction.

      It helped that I was there when it wasn't very busy.

      1. it depends on the place and the chef, but usually you get respect from a chef whose ego is stroked.

        this week hubby went to an indian that we wanted to try for take out, and ordered "3 things that you think will work well together". It was the best indian food I've had in years!