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Aug 8, 2007 11:01 AM

Wedding Venues in a beach town for 150 people?

Just got engaged last night (!) and trying to brainstorm on where we should have the wedding. These are my hopes:
-A indoor venue
-A room with windows
-A town on the water where there's fun stuff to do (Newport, etc)
-Good food a major plus (of course)

Please let me know if you can think of anything. Many, many thanks.

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  1. Could you be more specific about location preference?

    I just attended a wedding last weekend at Water's Edge Resort in CT. It was chosen because of the location and the great food. There was one other wedding going on there, and the place itself was a bit busy-seeming, but not in the area of our wedding----the place was truly beautiful----the wedding was outside, on a lawn, but on the edge of their small beach (this is optional---they do indoor weddings too)...the cocktail hour was out on a terrace, and the dinner was in the ballroom. The ballroom has a balcony and overlooks the lawn below and the water (very pretty, sailboats and etc.). Truly, everything about this wedding was terrific.

    The Hotel Viking in Newport is also a great wedding venue. No direct water view, but good indoor location/good food. I've attended several there, in summer also, and it was terrific. Also---Rosecliff (one of Newport's mansions) does beautiful weddings----you'd need a caterer to come in, but I think they have a list of ones they'll let in, heh.

    I went to a gala thing at a hotel in Newport a few mos ago----now the name is escaping me----but it's a popular wedding venue also. Not Castle Hill. Amazing view out large windows in the reception room----you could see the Newport Bridge. It's a very obvious name, once I remember it. D'oh!

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      Ocean Cliff Hotel. I googled. It was really beautiful.

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        Was it the Newport Hyatt at Goat Island?

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          Thanks so much Moonpie! Great suggestions. I have no location preferences...just somewhere on the east coast in new england. I really appreciate your help.

        2. I went to a wedding at Oceancliff in June and it was great. The ceremony was outside on the lawn then we moved inside for the cocktail hour and dinner. Food was very good as well. I'd definitely recommend it.

          1. I think it is super that you got engaged last night and are writing to Chowhound today. Very impressive. Congratulations.

            Newport is great for weddings and easy to get to from Boston and NY. But if you are going to do it there, reserve your space and hotel rooms for the wedding party and family members SOON! It is a very popular wedding destination. (I got married in Newport myself- MANY years ago. A lot of people still say it was the best wedding they had ever been to!) Newport Monthly Magazine actually publishes articles on Newport weddings complete with photos and names of caterers so you can check that out. Have fun with the plans!

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              Oh yeah, his life is all ready planned too, He just doesn't know it yet :-)

              Obtw, The Ocean Cliff Hotel is a beautiful venue.

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                very funny! :) thanks...looking into it.

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                can't waste time...gotta go straight to chowhound! thanks so much for your insights.

              3. Congratulations! The Inn By The Sea in Cape Elizabeth, Maine is a great place to get married. Really beautiful and only a stone's throw from Portland, which has plenty of great food.

                Inn By the Sea
                40 Bowery Beach Road, Cape Elizabeth, ME 04104

                1. To this day, the BEST wedding I've ever attended (and this was 9-10 yrs ago) was on First Beach in Newport/Middletown....not sure what the venue is called but it's round or octagon, and attached to the carousel next door (which was ours for the night). That night was magical.....big windows open to the sea breezes, white curtains billowing, a view of the water. Just amazing. I'll go google it and see if I can get you a name.