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Aug 8, 2007 10:59 AM

Earliest food memory?

Sorry in advance if this has already been covered. I was just struck by a memory of watching Sesame Street with a plate of cut-up pieces of bologna and orange and white cheese that my mom had stuck toothpicks in (perhaps to give it a touch of class?) for lunch.
So what about you? What memories are the foundation of your Chowhoundin' palate?

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  1. liverwurst and mustard on toast!

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    1. re: melon

      Is this what you ate as a baby?

      1. re: JOJOGIRL

        Yes I must have been 2 or 3. Is that baby age? I was little enough that it was cut up into small squares for me.

        Not really my favorite anymore.

        1. re: melon

          You're not alone! I had to have a liver sausage sandwich for lunch nearly every day until I was around 4, washed down by ginger ale (Graf's, no doubt). At some point I gave up liver sausage in favour of hot dogs to the point that I remember my grandfather telling me I was going to turn into a hot dog. (Many members of my family will tell you that he was right, and that I did!)

          Sometime in my teens, after discovering Usinger's Braunschweiger, I started eating liver sausage again, and it's still best with ginger ale.

      2. re: melon

        Wow - I thought I was the only freakazoid kid who loved liverwurst on toast. All the people at my grade school lunch table were rendered speechless with disgust.

      3. I absolutely loved canned Raviolios when I was really little, when they were labeled undere Franco-American and not Campbells (like they are now). I always ate them out of the same yellow, plastic tupperware container. I still get a little sentimental when I smell that ketchupy tomato sauce.

        1. I also remember watching Sesame street but for me it was Campbell's Tomato Soup with oyster crackers and 1/2 Grilled Cheese Sandwich.... I even remember the Price as Right being on as soon as I got off the bus from for the flashback !!

          1. Aabgoosht is my earliest food memory. In fact, I'm told it was my first solid first too.

            Anyway, aabgoosht is a homestyle Iranian dish that's kind of a like a lamb hot pot, with the hot broth being served seperately and the beans, meat, tomatoes and spices being mashed together and served alongside flatbreads and an array of fresh herbs (sabzi) and pickled vegetables (torshi) and garlic (seer torshi). Yum!


            1. Mom: her homemade enchiladas. She would roll them for me and use tomato sauce instead of her great chile. I called them "chilalas"
              Grandma 1: Homemade flour tortillas. She made them everyday so that grandpa would have hot fresh tortillas when he came home for lunch, and extras for dinner that night.
              Grandma 2(the non-cook): Instant coffee loaded with milk and sugar, Apple Jacks cereal, and her teaching me how to work the toaster oven so that I could essentially make my own Swansons chicket pot 4 yrs. old.