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Aug 8, 2007 10:53 AM

Asheville good pub

i know there are a ton of good pubs in Asheville, but is there one that has better than average food with a good beer selection?



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  1. No, not really. Not yet at least.

    It seems a lot of the great beer places are happy serving justokay food. That's probably going to change with a proposed gastropub in the river arts district, but that's in the planning stages last I heard.

    There's also a Belgian beer bar slated to open in September called The Thirsty Monk, but I think that food will be limited at first.

    Great resource:

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    1. re: peetoteeto

      Very true, most pubs in town are in the booze business and food takes a back seat. The Reuben at Hannah Flannigan's works. Skully's is good but smoky. If you want eat well and can do a bar - not a pub then go straight to Usual Suspects. It's got local feel in a cool room with really good food and the service is always on.

      1. re: sluggrock

        Usual Suspects sounds perfect. thanks

        and a beer at Hannah Flannigan's also sounds good

        1. re: jeffbatl

          Hannah Flanagan's drives me crazy. The service there is so uneven. We actually like Bier Garden...messy plate of chicken wings and high gravity beer...yumm.

          1. re: leahinsc

            that high gravity beer is immoral, I tell you!!!

            1. re: peetoteeto

              love it, depending on the type, it reminds me of drinking beer in Germany....but WOW does it go to your head!

    2. I like Jack of the wood for the Beer selection. They have their own brewery "Green Man". The food is just so/so--irish inspired, however it is Non-smoking, a huge plus in my book. A new Irish pub is slated to open on the west side soon I think.

      1. Both Jack of the Wood and Usual Suspects have very good food I think.

        JOW is non-smoking and they both have good vegetarin options.

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        1. re: jbyoga

          BUT...I think Usual Suspects has the absolute worst mixed drinks! I have ordered them there on three separate occasions and swear there was no alcohol in my drink each time (and no, I had not been drinking yet, so could not be "cut-off"!). Which is too bad because otherwise that place would be perfect. Good food, near my house, decent patio, cool interior, darts...I'd probably live there.

          What about Westville Pub? I have always been curious. There are two or three new pubs opening soon in that part of town. One is UJ - Universal Joint - from Atlanta - and it was one of my favorite bars when I lived there.

          I agree with the Hannah Flannigans comment. We had terrible service there once...probably the worst I have ever had in my life, truly (I won't bore you with the details)... and then to top it off when I got my CC statement the next month they had double-billed me so I had to deal with that hassle. Won't be back.

          1. re: miss piggy

            Alot of us that grew up here go to Charlotte St.(formerly Stephen's)The food is standard pub fare and its got a homey feel.Kathy at Usual Suspects was the former bartender here for MANY MANY years.

            1. re: miss piggy

              Westville Pub is a nice hang - very local but not 'downtown' I assumed - incorrectly perhaps - the original poster wanted to be closer to downtown and all the attractions...

              1. re: jbyoga

                well my hotel is downtown, but i do have a car and don't mind venturing out if it's worth it.

                1. re: jbyoga

                  the west side is my stomping ground, so i'll chime in...

                  westville's food is very middling. the wings are generally good (get the hot ones, they have a really good sauce), but everything else is either inconsistent or mediocre/bland. believe me, i wish they were better as it's the closest bar to my house (2 blocks). as you note, though, it is a nice place to hang out and, on the right nights, listen to music.

                  on the west side, lucky otter is a better bet for decent food paired with beer (note, this is not a pub/bar, although one can do plenty of drinking there). their beer selection is only 7 taps, but with a nice variety, and they have a decent selection of bottles. food is mainly burritos and quesadillas (the thursday jamaican special is also good); most of the signature burritos are pretty good, or you can build your own. tofu/tempeh, chicken & fish are all better bets than beef. the $3.50 margaritas rule!

                  burgermesiters (also west side) is a good place for a patty melt and a brew, but i don't recall them having a large selection of beers (definitely not many on tap). some of their other sandwiches are good, but i don't care for the burger buns. i usually just drink pabst when i'm there.

                  all bars on the west side are going to be full of locals, we don't see too many tourists over here, although they are quite welcome.

                  as to other places mentioned, here's my $.2...

                  jack of the wood - their beers have improved recently, but the food has never been very good, and service has been bad (at best, it's hit atrocious a few times).

                  hannah flannigans - i refuse to go there as my worst ever resto experience occurred there, and it was handled exceedingly poorly by the staff/management. (note - not to be confused with hf in hendersonville, which is ok, and i believe unaffiliated with the asheville hf.)

                  bier garden - it's been fine the few times i've gone, but, for whatever reason, it hovers below my radar and i rarely think to go there.

                  usual suspects - no firsthand experience with this one, but friends i trust tell me the food is fine. many more friends also confirm, as miss piggy notes, that the drinks are very weak.

                  charlotte st - haven't been in years, but, for what it's worth, it used to be a solid place.

                  barley's, which hasn't been mentioned, has a very good beer selection, but i think the food has gone downhill over the years. it used to be pretty good pizza, but the last few times it's been oddly sweet and bland. nothing else on their menu ever impressed me.

                  sorry jeffbatl, good food and drink in a bar/pub atmosphere aren't easy to find around here.

            2. Jack of the Wood has locally brewed Green Man ales and is a great place to hang out. I've never actually had the food, but it certainly looks better than the run of the mill pub grub (not that that is saying much).

              1. thanks for all the great input. i am only in town one night, but i think i have enough great suggestions to make the right call.
                and definitely have some great ideas for next time

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                1. re: jeffbatl

                  Gotta disagree with the JOW bashing here- I've had great food and good beer many many times. I say check it out!

                  1. re: jbyoga

                    I think of JOW as more of a cozy winter and fall hang-out. The perfect place to spend a cold nite cuddled up to beer and fish and chips!