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Aug 8, 2007 10:49 AM

Good delivery in Staten Island

Our company will start rehearsing in Staten Island next week, and I have to get lunch delivered for about 30 people each day. There are many picky eaters and a couple of vegetarians among the group...does anyone know of any good places that will deliver for free to Millers Launch at Hannah and Bay Street or the Cromwell recreation center? I'm especially looking for good Thai food, or deli. Thanks!

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  1. you can try but not sure if they deliver to area, for for free but Joe & Pat's pizza is great, they have pizza of course and an extensive food menu. Min $30 on ccards. Located on Victory Blvd a few blocks from Clove Rd

    1. You're best bet is to peruse the neighborhood a day before and gather some take out menu's. If you see something you think you might like, give them at least a day's notice and try them out. Most places will deliver for free with a small min purchase.
      If you cannot investigate the neighborhood, you can . "Let your fingers do the walking,"
      and try to find places that deliver within the same Zip Code. I would also suggest you look under Catering services,since it might be easier and more cost efficient to have casual catering for 30+ people .

      1. Tay makes a good point about catering, as a lot of the places in the neighborhood (I live right by there and work out at that gym) are quite small, and a 30-person order might be quite slow. In any case, you definitely want to order as early as possible. As far as Thai or Deli, there's nothing like that in the neighborhod, although Montalbano's (an Italian Salumeria) isn't that far away, but I have no clue as to whether they deliver.

        As I look through my collection of takeout menus, the ones that deliver (and are close) are:

        M&K Spanish Restaurant--190 Bay St. This is a Dominican place that I really like a lot, their chicken soup is outstanding. But I would say vegetarian options are limited to maybe nonexistent.

        Bay House Bistro--574 Bay St. in Stapleton. It's a sort of pan-Asian, Mongolian BBQ place. Not bad.

        Chef Hong's--55 Victory Blvd. Very good corner-Chinese Takeout.

        Top Chef JAmaican American Restaurant--3 Corson St. They claim to have free delivery, but we went once the week after they opened, and they had run out of everything. So I haven't tried the food, but hopefully they've got it more together by now.

        The Polish Place--19 Corson Ave. Their food is really excellent Polish cuisine (pierogies, stuffed cabbage, etc.). They do list a few vegetarian options.

        Honduras Patio--194 Bay St. I don't think they have any vegetarian options.

        Daddy Doug's Pizza--70 Bay St. Daddy's Grandma pizza is really good, it's like a thin sicilian with the red sauce over the cheese, and a bit of basil.

        And I'll mention Lakruwana--226 Bay St. Their menu doesn't say that they deliver, but it's a very short walk from Cromwell, and I really enjoy their food, and I'm sure they have some vegetarian options. It's Sri Lankan, and there have been several earlier posts on this board. They're closed on Tuesdays.

        Finally, and gratuitously, for a cold beer after rehearsal, you can go over to Cargo, the outside of which is decorated with giant canaries eating people.

        Good luck, and have fun!


        226 Bay St, Staten Island, NY 10301

        Honduras Patio
        194 Bay St, Staten Island, NY 10301

        Daddy Doug's Pizzeria
        70 Bay St, Staten Island, NY 10301

        The Polish Place
        19 Corson Ave, Staten Island, NY 10301

        M & K Spanish Restaurant
        190 Bay St, Staten Island, NY 10301

        Top Chef
        3 Corson Ave, Staten Island, NY 10301

        New Chef Hong
        55 Victory Blvd, Staten Island, NY 10301

        1140 Bay St, Staten Island, NY 10305