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Aug 8, 2007 10:45 AM

any recommendations for Albany area?

Hi --

I'll be in Albany for 10 days later this month on business, and am looking for suggestions for chowish places for dinner. Am open to anything, and price isn't an issue. I'll be staying at out by the airport, but have a car and will travel for good food. I've done a search, but not much is cropping up for Albany, so figured I'd ask.

Thanks for any help you can give me --

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  1. McGuires... One of Albany's finest, if not the best!

    1. You will have to travel - the airport area is chain central. There is certainly good food to be had in Albany- especially if you include the area around the city. Just a few of my favorites, in no particular order:

      McGuire's - on Lark St. in downtown Albany - very pricey but great food.
      Hidden Cafe - at the Delaware Plaza in Delmar - good Mediterranean
      Avenue A - Delaware Ave. good food, nice mix of items
      Midtown Tea and Tap Room - just off New Scotland Ave. tapas, I've been once, liked it a lot

      1. The airport is deadville for restos. Wolf road is one big box store and chain resto after another.

        If you go up route 7 towards schenectady just past union college you can try Parrisi's steak House. Lisa, the owner is a wonderful lady and has great food.
        In the same 'hood, continue past Parissi's through 2 lights and on the right is an italian bakery/lunch spot. Also fantastic.

        Downtown Albany has Jack's Oyster House. A pretty good steak place. Second longest run family steak house in the country.

        Those would be jfood's top choices.

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          We recently stayed near the Airport & ate at Afghan Grill after a recommendation on this board - it's in a strip mall off off of route 7 - it was pretty good, reasonably priced - kebabs/curries etc
          952 Troy-Schenectady Road (Peter Harris Plaza), Latham, 783-5553

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            We had take-out from the Afghan Grill tonight. It was great! Really different flavors. There was some mint but also some other spices I wasn't sure about. Three of us had the lamb tikka kebabs, one had the chopan kabab (4 nice sized lamb chops), and the vegetarian and I shared the kado borani (sauteed slices of spiced butternut squash), the gulpi (cauliflower in a slightly spicy, very tasty sauce) and aashack (vegetable stuffed dumplings, kinda shaped like tortelllini, in a garlic yogurt sauce). Everything was excellent, including the dressing on the salads, and the rice, which looked like basmati but was a tan-brown color. The kids said it was the best rice they had ever tasted. There wasn't even a bite of food left, so I know they enjoyed it. We can't wait to eat there (or get take-out) again!

        2. If you'd like to stay near the airport, Barnsider is a good place for steaks/steakhouse type food, and really good servers.
          Emperor's is at the beginning of Wolf Rd and has authentic chinese.
          If you need a quick lunch, Via Fresca is on Western Avenue near Crossgates mall and has great paninis, subs and other deli and italian food.

          1. Welcome to Albany, toaster. There was recently a long discussion about what's good in the greater Albany area. You can find it here:
            For non-chain places close to the airport, I would suggest Karavalli in Latham for amazing Indian (although there are 3 of them now, so maybe that counts as a chain), Real Seafood Co. on Wolf Rd for fresh seafood with a nice outdoor seating area, and Emperor's for great Chinese at the bottom end of Wolf Road.

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              Ooh - I forgot Karavailli's. I heartily second that one.

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                I hear Real Seafood has gone waaaay downhill in the last couple of years.