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Aug 8, 2007 10:34 AM

Station Square for a weekend - good dining?

My husband & I and 2 other couples from Philly are spending a Fri & Sat night at Sheraton in Station Square in Pittsburgh -- looks like Station Sqaure is made up of mainly chain restaurants... so can anyone recommend any other great places to eat that are within walking distance of this general area (walking distance can be up to 1/2 a mile).

Looking for suggestions on places within 1/2 mile walk of station square.

- upperscale dining for a Sat night, authentic, good - can be any type of food really (sorry so vague)

- best sandwiches with fries stuffed in 'em

- best hangout before a Pirates game

- late night fun bar atmosphere

- any "unique to pitts" food experiences we must have

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  1. Not sure where 1/2 mile gets you, but there are many choices on Carson street between 10th St. and the Hot Metal Bridge. Dish (Sicilian) would get my nod, but it's a small place so you might not get in the night you're here. Others will chime in with faves I'm sure.

    For an out-of-towner's perspective, here's a Washington Post article from last fall on the Sou'side:

    For the authentic Primanti's sandwich experience, gotta go to Primanti's in the Strip (or Girodano's in San Francisco).

    Unlike the Phillies, who are actually still in a race, the Pirates suck. And when the Pirates are 20 games out by August, Steeler season can't start soon enough. Everyone here has already forgotten the Pirates so you'll have PNC Park to yourself. Best hangout before a Pirates game is probably right in Atria's at the stadium or at Finnegan's Wake. But you might be alone.

    If you're doing Primanti's you are doing the "unique to Pitt" experience. Although having a brick of fries at the Dirty O in Oakland qualifies as unique in some circles as does getting a Smiley cookie at Eat n Park. Many people seem to think pierogies are big here - they are, if you're over 60. So skip that. But there are those Pittsburghers who swear by Beto's pizza on Banksville Rd, where they give you a bag of toppings separate from the pie, and Vincent's, where the entire topping just slides off. I personally don't get the charm of either. Then again, I'm a New England transplant.

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      I second the Dish recommendation. Make reservations. They have marvelous mushroom dishes and their own cured olives. Yum!

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        Strangely enough there is still a decent turnout at Pirate Games, which you'll enjoy.There are a few respectful food options close to PNC Park both on the city side of Clemente Bridge and on the Park side. Soho may fit the bill and Atria's is an acceptable option. Non-PNC Park options would be Carson St!! Look into Cafe Du Jour

    2. The Sheraton does have a complimentary shuttle that runs every half hour or so and will take you to anywhere down Carson street -- so don't worry so much about keeping destinations within 1/2 mile -- they will also pick up. I had guests for my wedding stay at that hotel 9/05 and the shuttle took people to and from my rehearsal dinner. For nice restaurants in the area, I agree with Dish. Cafe Du Jour is also great in the summer,fall with a beautiful outdoor patio -- food is good, service laid back (BYOB though). The Southside has a plethora of bars of all types for late night -- depends on the atmosphere you prefer. For hipster dive, try Dee's, Fatheads has a good beer selection, but bar area can be pretty crowded. Lots of other options too -- just stroll down the street and check them out. Beware the smoking in bars, though, can be a bit off-putting after awhile. Have fun.

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        That's good info to know and a good selling point for the Sheraton - wasn't aware of that. I can feel better about referring people there now ;-)

      2. I suggest taking the incline to Mt. Washington from Station Square and having dinner at Monterey Bay restaurant. It emphasizes fresh fish and seafood and you'll get a great view of the city. Go there ahead of your dinner reservation and sit in the bar and while you're having a drink you'll get great views of the rivers and skyline!!