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Aug 8, 2007 10:28 AM

Best Pots?

I just got engaged(!) and need to register. Finally, I get to have great pots! These are my requirements:
- dishwasher safe
- non-stick
- handles that don't burn
I've been hearing mixed things about All Clad...what is your view (on All Clad and others)? Thanks so much.

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  1. I don't know that I would get all Le Crueset because they are just so heavy but I would at least get a few they are so great at going from stovetop to oven and clean so easily, just don't use then with metal utensils a lot (I mash potatoes in them now and then and has never seemed to hurt it). I love mine, always put them in the dishwasher. I also have an all clad pan I love though. Right now I have mainly cuisinart mixed with a few nicer which work really well, but I am hoping to slowly upgrade as needed.

    1. I think All-Clad is overpriced and the handles are uncomfortable, but it's not bad cookware. Just not worth the price they charge. Also, the clad design wastes energy in most situations.

      Sitram and Paderno Grand Gourmet are both very good and fairly priced. They're by no means the only good ones, but I shopped around for a very very long time before buying a few pieces of cookware and I found those two manufacturers to make the best stuff for the money. I had a requirement for welded handles though (not riveted), so I may be leaving out brands that make nice riveted handled cookware. Why anyone would actually *want* riveted handles, I can't imagine.

      I would stay away from non-stick entirely. Maybe one frying pan for eggs. Stainless steel is much more versatile, and there may be adverse health effects to non-stick.

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        Yes, a large Le Creuset pot loaded with food is darn heavy, whough I like my LC 12-inch frypan. I agree that All-Clad is overpriced.. Many on this board have praised Sitram.

        FWIW, Consumer Reports recommended for best value:

        Nonstick set -- Kirkland (Costco).
        Uncoated set — Member’s Mark (Sam’s Club).
        Mixture of both types – Calphalon stainless.

        The first two apparently come only as sets, Calphalon as a set or individual pieces.

        1. re: mpalmer6c

          I did get the krirkland set - and it is excellent - - being a set it is a good mixture of pots pans and sizes -

      2. You should also check out Demeyer while you are looking at Sitram and Paderno. Some piece are clad, like the All Clad (but better) and some have disk bottoms. All or gorgeous, but not exactly cheap. All handles are welded. for info and to buy. It will give you something else well made to compare to.

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        1. re: RGC1982

          Demeyer looks fabulous...sadly they don't sell at big stores for registry purposes. I think I will register for something else and return for a few pieces Demeyer...

        2. I know that you said nonstick, but you need a few pieces of stainless, and I love my Tramontina. I have one piece of All Clad, which is very expensive, and I honestly can't tell the difference. On the frypan and the saute pan the handles actually are cold to the touch when I am cooking on the stove. You can go into the Tramontina web site, but then go to Walmart online, and you will see the same pans for a fraction of the price. I even called their web site as I couldn't believe they were the same pans, and she said that they were, Walmart just has unreal pricing,much better then Tuesday Morning who also carries them. They also make non stick, but I don't know anything about them. By the way, no shipping charge from Walmart, as they ship them to the store, email you when they are there ready for pick up. No, I don't work for Walmart, actually have never shopped there!!!

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          1. I have a set of stainless steel Cuisinart, a 12" nickel plated cast iron fry, and an LC dutch oven. I really like the the Cuisinart - good value - All Clad I think is over priced, byt it is execellant cookware.