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Aug 8, 2007 10:16 AM

wedding lunch (ceremony + reception) - possible restaurant ideas required

hi there,

we're looking at have a restaurant wedding luncheon on a sunday in 2008 (maybe spring, maybe fall). patio/outdoor area is not necessary. something classy yet laid-back (we definitely do not want anything stuffy). we will have approximately 85 - 100 guests and we would like a 3-course meal plus open bar (and we would like to bring in our own cake). i've read through many of the threads on this board and many people have recommended various restaurants for similar receptions ... however, we'd like to have our ceremony (quick, civil) ON-SITE.

we have already considered:

jump (nice open space - can we do it for $10k?)
biffs (rooms are a bit choppy - not a fan of the set up)
auberge (love love love - but again, not sure the room set up is for us)
canoe (great menu but i'm worried that the decor is a bit heavy - also - budget concerns?)
la maquette (didn't get very good service from the coordinator)
cru (great menu and good space - but just unsure if it's 'suitable' for a ceremony)
vibo (tight space if we're over 85 people)
acqua (unsure of the layout/setup for us)

ideally, we'd like to keep our costs at/below $10k. 50% of our guests will be family and older (i.e. over 50) with very conservative tastes (asian and east african backgrounds) so we have to be careful with the menu. we are very adventurous with food but i don't think that's a good idea for this event. some of our guests will require a bathroom on the same floor as the restaurant (i.e. no basement bathrooms) - they are either in walkers or in wheelchairs. downtown toronto or west end (i.e. etobicoke) are preferable. subway accessible would also be great for friends who don't have cars. and free/validated/included parking is also one of our criteria (i.e. we will cover our guests parking fees if any ... we would prefer them NOT having to trudge through a green p lot).

and finally...a good friend of ours owns a flower shop and will be taking care of all of the flowers/decor for us. hence, whatever venue we choose must allow us to bring this kind of stuff in (i.e. i heard old mill does not allow external florists to supply flowers/decor).

would totally appreciate if anyone has any other venues to include to the list above and/or any comments re: private events @ the above venues (especially those that had their ceremony + reception at one place).


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  1. I went to a lovely lovely wedding at the Old Mill Inn. Ceremony and reception all there. Lovely gardens outside for weddings. This was many years ago, so can't vouch for it recently, but I've heard positive experiences from others.

    Old Mill
    21 Old Mill Road, Toronto, ON M8X 1G5, CA

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      thanks for the suggestion. i've just amended my original post to include a comment about flowers/decor. i have heard that the old mill has a florist that will do all the decorations and therefore doesn't allow external suppliers. otherwise, the old mill would be great! esp. with the location since we live in that area.

    2. Globe Bistro seems to fit most of your criteria. Big, bright space, great menu (and flexible for a private event, I'm sure), main-floor washrooms, easy subway access. Parking? Well, very few downtown places will have their own parking lot, or undeground parking with elevator access to the restaurant. There's a Green P lot directly behind Globe, and another public parking lot around the corner, next to Loblaws.

      1. I don't know about cost but i went to a nice wedding/reception at Liberty Grand. I don't know if they are open for afternoons though. Sorry

        1. I was at a wedding at The Great Hall 2 years ago, was great indeed, they have 6 or so caterers you can sample and choose 1, the florist was a friend of the bride so, no problem with that, but as the best man I was dealing with many facets of the operation, everyone was nice and did a good job, food was average, whattaya venue of choice might be The Carlu, I love the long wide deco corridor...

          1. I was just at a wedding at Auberge du Pommier and it was fantastic... and from what I understand it was around your budget/person. I'm pretty sure that they are doing renovations now, but I would call to see.