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Aug 8, 2007 09:45 AM

Charleston Dish issue out today. What restaurants are on your list?

Today the Dish issue was delivered to the coffee shop after two sips. Whoo-hoo! Though I don't always agree with City Papers opinion on food I eagerly await the Dish issue to refresh my list. Finding authentic Mexican and good vegetable plates are topics in this issue that I can't wait to explore.

What about you? Where are you going next?

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  1. FIG where I haven't been, and Noisette. Taco tour for sure!! And I'm not nuts about Jeff Allen either. BUT beats the Post by a mile. I used to really like Holly Herrick and was sad to see her wimpy replacements.

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    1. re: birgator

      Holly Herrick is still doing reviews. See her Web site:

      1. re: NickSr

        Thanks -- I didn't know that; so now bookmarked. Add Fat Hen to my list also along with Uno Mas.

        1. re: NickSr

          So, wait a minute... Holly Herrick's blog is Charleston Chow. The original poster (and frequent Chowhound contributor) is CharlestonChow. One and the same, perhaps?

          1. re: Low Country Jon

            Afraid not Jon. I am a guy and not nearly as talented as Holly. CharlestonChow was just intended to be a play on the Charleston Chew candy. Thanks though.

            I was talking to the manager of the Fat Hen the other day and it looks like they are getting ready to go full force. Lunch, dinner, and brunch. Apparently they have been very busy since day one and intend to stay that way. Great location for the clientèle they court.

            I am a huge fan of authentic Mexican food. I thought I had been to most of the hole-in-the-wall taco joints in town but I guess not. In spite of the lukewarm review of Uno Mas I must try it as well. While it is pretty hard to get pretentious about Mexican food Southwestern fusion restaurants on the West coast have been proving for decades that you can expound upon these simple dishes to create world class cuisine.

            Any restaurant that is using the pricey heirloom produce is on my list. I think that LC Jon said something about the panzanella at EVO in another thread. That salad of theirs is wonderful. Has anyone had exceptional produce this summer from restaurants NOT on the short list in Dish?

        2. re: birgator

          "Wimpy"? How do you figure? You're talking about me and the wife, and I'd like to hear your criticisms.

          You used to like Holly? It's not a Holly review until you've used the words "sturdy", "toothsome", "perched" and "pert" not to mention the phrase "sang with flavor", right?

          1. re: coryphaena

            Seems to me that Holly’s language was eminently appropriate to eloquent descriptions of foods in restaurant reviews:
            “Sturdy”: Robust (a)
            “Toothsome”: Appetizing, delectable, delicious (a)
            “Perched”: Resting on an elevated place or position (a) [Need to see the context.]
            “Pert”: Impudently bold and saucy (b)
            “Sang with flavor”: Edna St. Vincent Millay: “I cannot say what loves have come and gone, I only know that Summer sang in me, A little while…"

            (a) Roget’s Thesaurus
            (b) American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language
            (c) If Summer can sing, can’t food be so flavorful as to “sing with flavor?”