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Aug 8, 2007 09:42 AM

? Fave poached egg/eggs-over-easy dish

I love dishes with runny egg yolks. Particularly enjoyed one dish with grilled chicken over rice with scallions and a raw egg at Yakkitori Toto. Hoping to discover others. Any recommendations appreciated!

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  1. The peekytoe crabcake benedict at Aquagrill.
    The asparagus with serrano ham and slowly poached egg at Degustation.

    1. Not sure where the best place is for sukiyaki is in town, but sukiyaki dipped into a raw egg is really good.

      1. The lamb's tongue vinaigrette with 3-minute egg at Babbo was divine. But since Babbo can be tough to get into, head to the Spotted Pig and get the duck egg with tuna bottarga.

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          Freeman's. Simple, poached eggs with cheesy grits and roasted tomatoes. Delicious.

        2. Run, don't walk to Cendrillon - Filipino restaurant in SoHo that has this amazing dish on their brunch menu - beef tapa (dried meat that has a terrific sweet/salty flavor) served with garlic fried rice topped with a sunny side up egg.

          1. As mentioned above, Over-easy eggs on garlic rice is great. No need to pay Cendrillon's markup though! (Sorry, luv ya guys!)I use up leftover chinese takeout rice this way often. How I do it is, I reheat the rice, adding water if needed, in the microwave. Meanwhile, I cook minced garlic in a neutral oil over low-to-medium heat, then add the rice before the garlic browns. Just mix it up enough to get the garlic flavor all over the rice. Keep it warm while cooking the eggs, and when you're ready, the rice goes on the bottom and the eggs go on top! Salt & pepper, natch.Some people like soy sauce with this, I think the oozy yolk coating the rice is good enough on its own.

            Another dish is "eggs in purgatory." Basically, you make a tomato sauce in a wide skillet, create little divots in the sauce with the back of a wooden spoon, and poach the eggs in the sauce.

            Finally, I have to put in a word for poached or over-easy eggs on buttered white toast. It is such a "simple " dish... or is it? The different textures and temperatures are a delight... if you take the time to notice. Bland meets sublime! You can do it at home, or get it at any diner in the known universe, but I like it with tea at the Stop Inn in Woodside, right by the LIRR and 7 train. Mmmmm

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              Never heard the name "eggs in purgatory." A similar concept I've made for years, coming originally, I think, from a Turkish cookbook: cook down lots of onions until carmalized and poach the eggs in the resulting sauce; the runny eggs over the onions are great! Also similar: sauteed peppers (red and green) with onions and tomatos with the eggs poached in the resulting sauce.

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                Yum! I think I had purgatory eggs at I Coppi! (they have a great brunch and a lovely garden) Yum! Love runny eggs over easy and bread . . .