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Aug 8, 2007 09:26 AM

Where to eat near Ravinia

I'm going for a concert this weekend at the Ravinia festival and wanted to find out more about dining options. Are the restaurants in the grounds fine or are there good restaurants nearby?
Also, what do you think about picnic-ing in the park and where should I forage for food if I go that route?
Thanks so much!

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  1. Ravinia is designed for picnicing in the park. Practically everyone does. You will see some really elaborate set-ups (plates, glassware, silverware, chairs, tables, etc) and some people with a blanket and a couple sandwiches from Subway. The food in the park is generally good, but expensive.

    Usually I bring my own picnic food, but I don't bring dessert. I prefer to get ice cream at the park.

    If you want to go for dinner before the show, there are lots of good restaurants in downtown Highland Park, close to the Park & Ride to Ravinia if you are driving and close to the Highland Park stop on the Metra North Line trains (the stop past Ravinia) if you are taking the train (you can then hop on a Park & Ride bus down to Ravinia, and then catch the train home from Ravinia). My current fave in Highland Park is Metropolitan Cafe.

    If you are driving other options that are not too far from Ravinia include Prarie Grass Cafe and Ravinia Bistrot (not at the festival, in an area close by that is also named Ravinia)

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      Ravinia Bistro closed a while ago. There is another restaurant in the same location, but I've never eaten there.

    2. Ravinia revamped its restaurant offerings this year and I've heard they're much improved now, if you want to go that route. You'll find more information about them on the Ravinia website at