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Aug 8, 2007 09:20 AM

Chains that are good

Gasp..yes, I said it. What chains are acceptable to the hounding public?

1) Baja Fresh
2) Cosi
3) Dale and Thomas Popcorn
4) Ben and Jerrys
5) Haagen Dazs
6) Auntie Anne's Pretzels

C'mon, you know you like some chains. I know its taboo, but some are ok. This site is about good food, mostly.

Just curious.

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  1. So agree on Haagen Dazs, and since I still haven't found a firmly packed pint of non-chain ice cream in Westchester, I'll take H/D over Longfords (can you PUT more air into your pint?) any day.

    Godiva White Chocolate Raspberry is in second place to H/D's Dulche De Leche. While they still make pint 'pints' that is. Dove, as I hope you know, reduced their 'pint' to 15.1 ounces. The crooks.

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      Roy's of Hawaii!
      Of course being in the islands is the best. The newish one in downtown LA has received rave reviews on CH, especially for service.

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        You may want to post this under "Chains"....

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          Second Roy's -- the one on Topanga Cyn. Bv. in Woodland Hills. Food is terrific, service is friendly and correct, drinks are good, prices are not unreasonable considering the quality.

        2. Any more local chains - like Umberto's, Green Cactus?

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            1. There, I said it. Cinnabon. Link:

              Many years ago these were much better than the present day ones, but, I still love to reminisce ... with the hope that one day they shall return to their former glory. : )


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                I still love them, though I now buy the little guys in the 9 pack, and yes, of course I buy extra frosting!...