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Aug 8, 2007 09:00 AM

Wheatberry in Pasadena

I was planning to spend the night later this week at my friend's new place in Pasadena. She suggested that we walk to the nearby Wheatberry for breakfast. Is this a good idea and if so what would you guys recommend getting there? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Hmmm, I had lunch here and was disappointed. My turkey wrap was made out of pressed, rather than freshly carved turkey and was overall very tasteless. Perhaps I had a bum meal though.

    Just around the corner on Colorado is Euro Pane, which in my opinion, has excellent pastries and breakfast goodies. If you're looking for omelettes and such, I like Heirloom which is in South Pasadena on the corner of Meridian and Mission near the Metro tracks. Happy Breakfasting!

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      ciaobella - By "freshly carved turkey" do you mean roasted whole turkey (aka Thanksgiving turkey). That's a pretty big expectation considering if there are such places in LA that make their turkey sandwiches from whole turkeys, they're pretty rare birds. Do you know of any ? I do agree that pressed turkey can be bland and often pretty much turkey tasteless.

      OP- The other posters here have pretty much covered what to expect from Wheatberry's. The comments about chain-feel/aesthetic are meaningless considering it does have a pretty nice interior for a casual eatery/bakery. Much better than Europane, which is a small whole in the wall, but has excellent croissants, very good scones.

      I'd also recommend Green Street, eat out on the patio. Maybe try the croissants at Europane for a starter.
      You might also check out Cafe Verde before deciding. Check out their website that ozzzygee posted, and read their Sunday brunch menu. Reservations are recommended at GS & CV.
      I don't know if price is a consideration but GS and CV are moderately priced ($15-$20 pp-) but not cheap eats like Wheatberry.

      If Wheatberry's within walking distance, they are too.

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        I had no idea turkeys were rare birds, thank you for enlightening me.

        If you care to help endanger the species, try Whole Foods, Wild Oats, Bristol Farms, Gelson's or pretty much any higher end grocery store. Gobble, gobble.

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          ciaobella- The "rare birds" pun was referring to "places in LA". Please re-read the sentence.

          Thanks for the info. Who wouldn't prefer a turkey sandwich made from whole roasted turkey?

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          Well, Europane does roast their turkey (breast only I think) on the premises and carves it for their turkey sandwiches. Some of the most flavorful and moist turkey breast I've had; definitely the best turkey sandwich I've had.

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        1. Wheatberry is a great place for breakfast on the run but I am not sure I'd want to do a sit-down breakfast there. It has a chain-feel, not the kind of thing I'd seek out if I had time for a true mom&pop bakery or such.

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            You've got great intuition, bodie. Wheatberry is actually owned by a large Korean conglomerate called CJ. They own a successful chain of bakeries called "Paris Baguette" and "Paris Croissant" as well as all the Dunkin Donuts and 31 Flavors in Korea, and Entertainment productions companies, etc. So yes, no wonder you felt the "corporate" feel.

          2. I agree that it has a chain aesthetic (even though it's not a chain) but I'd be willing to overlook that if the food was better (and not so overpriced). It's also only pastries and breads and sandwiches, no real hot breakfasts. For that I'd recommend you go to the much superior Europane (as previously suggested), which also only serves pastries and breads, etc.

            If you do want hot breakfasts, there's the very good Cafe Verde on Green St. just east of Lake.


            1. I think the Green Street Cafe is within walking distance too. I haven't had breakfast there, just lunch, and it was so good.

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                  breakfast is their best meal imho...emily's breakfast, any of the omelets, and chilaquiles, are on my list of favorites. all come with their zucchini bread.