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Aug 8, 2007 08:57 AM


Since I cannot afford La crueset...I am thinking of buying brand Senior from Ikea ..cast iron and enamel..Has anyone out used it

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  1. I haven't used it, but I remember reading a Cook's Illustrated article about enamelled cast iron dutch ovens and the Chefmate brand available at Target ranked 3rd (beaten by All-Clad and Le Creuset). IKEA wasn't in the test, but if you're looking for a dutch oven, the Chefmate at target sells for about $40 as opposed to several hundred for the two that beat it.

    1. If you want really excellent quality for less bucks, why not buy Lodge cast iron?

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        I have the Ikea skillet and I really like it. It does have a wooden handle so if you are planning to broil or use it in the oven it might not be what you want. But if you are just using it on the top of the stove to cook or saute it is a good heavy pan at a good price. I also like that it has a black interior so it doesn't show the stains like some other brands. Mine also has "Made in France" on the bottom.I have had mine about 7 months and it has been a good solid pan that has easy to use and clean.

        I do not have the cookers but looking at them in the store they seemed decent. They were heavy like they expensive brand.

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          I agree about the Lodge , I have two, the big one and the smaller one.

        2. I bought an IKEA cast iron skillet (not enamel). There are no instructions with it - does anyone know if it's pre-seasoned? Not sure if I need to go through the whole process.

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            How do you know it's not enamel? Even if it's black on the inside (like my green ikea dutch oven) it still can be enamel.

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              Enamel comes in more colors than just white. According to IKEA's website, the cast iron skillets are enameled on the inside.


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                Except that's not the pan I bought. This is, and there's no mention of enamel:

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                  The product description is "Cast Iron, Oil" I'd think the oil was used in pre-seasoning. You won't hurt it any by seasoning it again, though.

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                    Okay... I couldn't decide on one so I thought I'd try them both and return the one I didn't like. I purchased the Ikea pan for $9.99, along with the Lodge for $19.99. Both come pre-seasoned and I spent some time selecting the best quality ones from the selection in store.

                    The bottoms are about the same thickness and the pre-seasoning on both were of decent quality (no bubbling, not much unevenness), but the Lodge's surface was smoother than the Ikea pan.

                    I cooked a Korean seafood pancake - something that I usually cook on a non-stick pan. First off was the Lodge - with a bit of oil (tbsp, max) the result was pretty good - no sticking, no hot spots, nice crisp texture on the pancake because of the cast iron.

                    With the Ikea pan, I was a bit more hesitant because of the rougher surface. I added a light drizzle of oil and held my breath... to my pleasant surprise, it performed equal to the Lodge. Okay, maybe there was a bit of a cold spot on the pan where the metal is thinner because of the absurdly large Ikea logo cast onto the bottom of the pan. Then again it's right at the centre, above the hub on my electric stove element. ;-)

                    Not believeing what I just saw, I decided to push things, I cracked in an egg fresh from the fridge with the bare amount of leftover oil and *GASP* it didn't stick at all! Determined to make *something* stick, I broke the sunnyside up egg midway and scrambled it. Surely that'll make it stick? NOPE!

                    I was floored! I was planning on keeping just one of the pans (in the back of my mind I already decided it was the Lodge) but at $9.99, the Ikea pan is a fantastic buy that'll only get better with time! The only thing people may not like is that it only has about a 1" lip all around (see Piccola's link above), so deep-frying is out of the question.

                    ...Which is why I'm also keeping the Lodge. :D

              2. I love my Ikea Senior stuff, I have two dutch ovens. Also, Chefmate and Batalli are made in China - the Ikea line is actually from France.

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                  I picked up the 5 quart on sale at Ikea tonight - the green colour is being discontinued and blue is being introduced.

                  My older orange piece was made in France, but my new one was made in China - I wonder when the switchover happened.

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                    i have the cast iron enameled pot from Ikea in green (made in France) and i LOVE it.
                    i also have a lodge and a Staub. i love my Staub as well and since the Ikea one looked like my Staub (it has braising spikes on the inside and a dark interior) i had to try it out. It is fantastic. nothing sticks to the bottom like my Lodge pan which has a white bottom (and i've heard the same complaint from Le Crueset). i wouldn't hesitate to buy this pot from Ikea. I am going to go back and get the very large one. however, i wouldn't buy the ones that say made in China. i don't trust the materials from China at this point.