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Aug 8, 2007 08:56 AM

Canning Supplies For Jam

Hi --

So I have a lot of time on my hands and have decided to start making jam! Problem is I just moved back to Toronto and have NO CLUE where to get all of the supplies.

I've already bought the jars and labels (from Wal-Mart) and know that you can get pectin just about anywhere. But where can I find the following:

Jar Tongs/ Lifter
Canning Rack
Canning Funnel

Price is important -- I don't want to spend a ton yet since I'm not sure how into the jam making I will be. Location is somewhat important. It has to be TTC accessible (I don't drive). I live at Yonge & Eg but will go anywhere on the TTC bus route!

Thank you!

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  1. I actually was able to find a canning funnel and jar tongs at my local Dollarama (College Park). Try there first.

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    1. re: xtal

      i didn't even think of dollarama... i love that place. thx

    2. I would recommend tongs, good safety item with all the hot water, but the rest I've never used, I made a funnel out of a plastic bottle, inverted with the base cut off and I cut a wider hole at the neck...

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        good tip... but what did you do about sterilizing. did you have a makeshift rack to put in the bottom of your pot?

        1. re: wontonfm

          It was a few years ago, I was making antipasto (very acidic), I think I just boiled them in the pot standing up 3 at a time, no rack, I threw in the tongs reco because I do recall lifting out hot jars full of boiling water to be dangerous and difficult...not that I think a rack is a bad idea, you mentioned keeping costs methods might not have been the best but they worked well enough, it's not rocket science right...

          hmmm, now I want to do some of that again, maybe a salsa?....

          1. re: Recyclor

            I've used a similar technique, no rack, but used the tongs to grab the jars out of the water. Any tongs will do, as long as the 'business-end' is rubberized. Though, the Dollarama find was a spectacular one.

            Maybe Tap Phong on Spadina?

          2. re: wontonfm

            Sterilizing the jars is simple. Wash themwell in hot, soapy water; rinse thoroughly and dry them; set them on a cookie tin; put them into an oven pre-heated to 210*F; leave for 10 minutes; turn the oven off, and let sit til ready to use. Include any glass tops as well.

            Sterilize rubber rings or rubber rimmed lids by boiling for 5 minutes and leave them in their pot until ready to use.

            This is a good method for cold-pack pickling as when doing mushrooms.

        2. Canadian Tire usually carries all the gear. Canning racks usually come packaged with the enameled canning pot. Sometimes the surviving streetfront Home Hardware stores carry loads of this stuff in Italian or Portuguese 'hoods(e.g., St Clair W, College, Dundas W.).

          1. Yes, I got this set at Canadian Tire.

            Most handy are the tongs and magnetic picker upper. I believe the rack usually comes with the pot but I also use the round cooling racks from the dollar store in my stock pot.

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            1. re: Mila

              ummmm, magnetic picker upper?...OMG that's brilliant! I recall spending frustrating seconds/minutes trying to pick up HOT flat lids off the counter...

              1. re: Mila

                when in doubt ... canadian tire. i'll check them out tomorrow. thanks!

              2. If you are new to canning, look for BERNARDIN's "Guide to Home Preserving" (ISBN 0-9694719-3-9) Has many, many recipes and outlines the pitfalls of home preserving. Basically pretty simple........keep everything sterile. Got my copy off a Wally Mart junk table for $2 a few years back. Excellent guide to keeping everthing safe.

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