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Aug 8, 2007 08:29 AM

Sullivan St Diner

I am an avid reader of this site though rarely have I posted until now. The food at Sullivan St Diner on Sullivan between Houston and Bleecker is amazing. I have had all the NYC burgers, and the burger at this place is outstanding. Additionally, they have homemade pickles that are some of the best I've ever had. My girlfriend had the meatloaf with mushroom gravy which was undoubtedly one of the best I've had, better than Serendipity and better than Cafeteria.

Go check out this place! Get the burger and let me know what you think. You will NOT be disappointed.

On a side note, the Stone Crow on Washington Pl between MacDougal and 6th also serves up a quality burger, better than Corner Bistro, which I think has gone down hill.

Let me know!


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  1. thanks for that! I've wondered about the Sullivan St Diner for a while.

    and I think the Stoned Crow took Corner Bistro's cook. I liked that burger a lot, too... very good deal down there.

    1. I had the burger at Sullivan Street Diner once and it was among the worst I've ever been served. It was loaded with all sorts of seasonings and other fillers -- amounting to essentially a patty of meatloaf. SO misguided.

      I will say, however, that my experience was shortly after it "opened" so perhaps they've reworked things. On the other hand, it is my understanding (I may be wrong about this), that Sullivan Street Diner is really just a successor to NL which formerly occupied the space. Same owners, just a different concept. If I'm right about that, then they don't get as much slack for their early stumbles.

      Even though I swore off Sullivan Street Diner, your review has me considering giving the burger another try.

      Another overlooked Burger option in the neighborhood is Jane. Really nicely done patty, good bun, high quality condiments, and crispy fries seasoned with a little rosemary. Only problem is the price (which is pretty well justified by the quality).

      I have heard that Daddy-O's does a good burger.

      Also, you might want to look into Town Tavern. They also do a Corner Bistro Burger clone.

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        I had a less then thrilling brunch experience here. They forgot to put in our order, then they messed it up and brought me an omelet with the wrong filling and to top it off, the fries were soggy. I have read other good things about this restaurant so I was surprised to have such a poor experience.

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          I'm sorry to hear that about the terrible burger experience. It was the clean taste and perfect cooking that compelled me to start a thread on this place. That coupled with My g/f's meatloaf that was literally blowing up with flavor . I think your inclination to go back and give it another go is a good one. Please do and let me know your thoughts. The homemade pickles there are unbelievably good, not insanely over-brined, but instead perfectly tart while still holding on to their cucumber past, sort of how the Wolfman when he still kind of looked like a man, was scarier than when he actually become a full blown werewolf.

          I've actually had teh burger at Jane, and I agree it's quite good, though more gourmet, which I feel at atimes almost innoculates my entire burger experience.

          Daddy-Os and Town Tavern are two places I'll have to try as I love around the corner from Town Tavern.

          Thanks for the heads up!
          I look forward to hearing about your follow=up trip to SS Diner.



          1. re: zEli173

            Daddy-O is one of my favorite burgers ever (lifetime top 5). FYI- they do not serve fries, only tater tots.

          2. The original comment has been removed