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Jan 19, 2006 12:03 PM

~NEW~ Old Port Lobster Shack - Redwood City

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There has been alot of talk and anticipation of this place. It has now opened effective on Tuesday the 17th of January. Well don't get too it was all hype.

We ate there last night and was not impressed. The Lobster rolls are $16.95 each for a 3inch, yes, not the entire 6inch, but a measly 3inch roll. We tried one Maine Roll and a Baja Roll - there was no difference in taste - just kind of a blah! We asked what was the difference between the two - and was told it was the bell pepper added to the mayo, season salt, etc. Yea, you could really NOT taste it. Claw meat was used, no tail meat, and not very flavorful. The cole slaw was pretty soft and gooey. No kick or crunch to it. By the time the basket of food gets to your table, the shoestring fries are cold. We asked for some hot fries and it was explained to us that because they are so skinny, that they do not retain heat. Duh? The poor server did oblige us with a new basket and they too were lukewarm but crispy.

They do have a nice selection of microbrews for $4 and handmade soda for $1.50.

Overall, for the price of a Lobster Roll there was no value in this meal. Very disappointing.

The sign for the Lobster Shack is bright red, but not visible from Veterans. It's right next door to the SuperCuts on Veterans. I hope your dining experience is better than ours.


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  1. So many thanks for taking the bullet on this one.

    So, I'm assuming that this is mayo-based and not hot lobster fried in butter?

    What was the roll like? was it a hot dog roll?

    That's too bad. I really had this targeted to stop by over the weekend. It did finally get me to try the lobster roll at Sea Salt in Berkeley. I was expecting small there, but actually I thought it was a generous roll ... a small soft sub roll full of big chunks of fresh lobster fried in butter with house-made chips, oil-based red cabbage slaw and three good pickles ($20). I enjoyed it very much, but it wasn't giving me my New England lobster roll fix and couldn't figure out why. I've come to the conclusion there wasn't enough butter. The hot dog rolls that I've had are slathered with butter and grilled. The Sea Salt roll is just toasted. The other thing is that the lobster meat wasn't sweet. Maybe there is lobster season. Lobster rolls were only a summer thing because few people are driving to the clam shack in the snow.

    Well, there's always Cafe Maritine's lobster roll to try. Thanks for saving me the trip to RWC.

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    1. re: rworange

      Yep, the Lobster Roll was mayo-based and the roll was some kind of french roll. You can tell the roll was cut into a measly 3inches from a larger one, then split down the middle and toasted. Filling piled in, but again, no taste of the lobster, seasonings or buttery crusty bread.

      I'll have to look to your recommedation to get over my recent trauma. Thanks.

      1. re: ShoeFly

        Actually, the roll is the traditional New England hotdog roll that is also used for lobster and clam rolls. The roll they use is exactly the right one for a traditional New England lobster roll. And in New England, there are two types of lobster rolls. In MA and Maine, the lobster is mixed with mayo and served cold (like at Old Port Lobster Shack). In Connecticut, the lobster is served war doused in butter. Both are great when done well.

        As for price, $16.95 is what you pay at a lot of places in New England.

        In all, I think the roll and chowder were great when I went. And they have fried clams with bellies which are hard to find on the West Coast. Haven't tried them here yet, but can't wait to.

    2. Perhaps Mr Shenkman will have Lobster Rolls on his menu when his new spot opens in Half Moon Bay Aug 1.


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      1. re: tomritza
        California Sunshine

        The Chowder House certainly sounds like it'll be the real thing. I'll be patient and wait until they open to indulge in boiled lobster and fried clams...Thanks everyone!

      2. Perhaps I'm being a Think-Locally Curmudgeon, but I have a problem with Pacific Coast fish houses assuming an Atlantic Coast persona. And, when they feature Atlantic seafood, that adds another element of inappropriateness.

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        1. re: Sharuf

          Well, if we were to eat only native, we'd be eating ground acorns and whatever else the Miwoks ate.

          1. re: semmel

            Well, there's a little difference between eating locally grown produce and animals and eating native cuisine.

          2. re: Sharuf

            I do understand where you are coming from, but in some ways it is just another ethnic restaurant. We like eating Chinese food even though we are not in China, and I think we assume it is ok because there are lots of immigrants in the city. Well, there are lots of eastern expats as well, and we love them lobster rolls. Its hard for us to get the Sox on the tv, but at least we can get a cup of chowdah.

          3. b
            Being form Boston

            Thanks for the warning, when I saw the price $16.95 for aroll, and now its said to be 3", give me a break. I know it costly to get those critters out here, but you would never know that if you go to Ranch 99 super market (almost cheaper there than in new england for the live ones). I will avoid. Unless of course there clam chowder is any good - didn't see that

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            1. re: Being form Boston

              No, no, no ... they had a bad opening. There are tons of positive posts about the place, search down the board. EXCELLENT lobster roll and fried clams.

              I had some fried clams in SF today that were not half as good and more expensive.

              Also look for posts with OPLS (abbreviation of the name)


            2. Staff was friendly, they actually had some nice wines by the glass, manager was helpful in selling us the remaining part of a great sauv blanc they had for our table. But yeah that $16.95 lobster roll was about 60% of the size I expected at that price.

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              1. re: foobear

                Very similar in size to ones I've had in Boston, however, and only about a dollar or two more expensive. I'm not complaining, although I do think they have become a bit less generous with the lobster. But only a tad.