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Aug 8, 2007 08:05 AM

Husbands B-Day Dinner

Its my Husbands birthday on the 14th and its his first b-day as a married couple. :) I want to make him a really special dinner- We love all foods except he is not a fan of many vegetables. I cook almost every night so i am looking for one of those really special menus. Time consuming is okay as is many courses. Thanks!

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  1. What does your husband like? Is he into meat, poutry, fish, seafood? If it were my husband (Mr. Meat & Potatoes), it would be oysters on the half shell, cesar salad, prime rib or steak, potato gratin, creamed spinach and Bday cake. What types of cuisine does he like (Chinese? Italian? French? Greek?) Let us know and we can help with menu suggestions and recipes.

    1. I agree with Diane. If it were me, I would love if my SO prepared my favorite foods as a large degustation. It doesn't even need to match (and it wouldn't given that some of my favorite foods are Filipino, Arab, Austrian, Spanish and English). It shows a lot of love if you can put together something that says you know him.

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        Definitely--there are far too many dishes that would fit in the OP's request but making his favorites (maybe childhood?) would be special. For my husband's birthday one year, most of the dishes I made for him were bacon based since he loves bacon and I rarely make it.

      2. You could consider the beef wellington from The Joy of Cooking. My sister makes it and it is very good, and elegant.

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          Thanks everyone- He really likes most foods- meat and potatoes, pasta, anything deep fried, pizza etc. We went to paris for our honeymoon and he really loved the french onion soup, crouq monsieur and french fries- he also loves roasted rack of lamb, potatoes, cream sauced pastas bacon etc. any menu suggestions?? :)

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            OK remove the oysters from jfood's suggest and substitute with onion soup. if you need a great (albeit long time-frame) resto, will be glad to post.

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              I would do French onion soup, roast rack of lamb with fresh mint chutney, garlic mashed potatoes, and whatever salad/vegetable he likes. Mr. Marge loves chocolate souffle, so that is what he gets once a year for his birthday dessert.

          2. Happy Husband reporting in. Time consuming are the key words.

            For a starter jfood recommends something lite given the temperature and a display of oysters on the half shell sets the tone.

            Jfood would LOVE to have a wonderfully prepared braised pot of short ribs over polenta for a special b'day entree at home with mrs jfood. The flavors are deep and sensual and the polenta is a perfect side dish. When hubby walks in the house he will smell the treats to follow. (pretty silly on the entree in this heat though, sorry)

            For dessert, creme brulee with chocolate dipped strawberries. You can feed them to each other.

            And the jfoods have been married for almost 27 years and each of these dishes have been served at home.

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              I love the short ribs suggestion, but since it is August, I would do a nice green salad a little goat cheese souffle to start instead of the onion soup. That would start the meal on a cooler note so that the guest of honour isn't sweating by the time the short ribs arrive.

            2. I agree with posters who call for his favorites - BUT - if you often cook him his favorites and that wouldn't be so special, why not re-create a special meal you've had together? Like the meal you ate on your first date, or the best meal from your honeymoon or something similar.