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Aug 8, 2007 08:03 AM

Burgers/Chicken Sand - Union Sq or Grammercy

Looking for a place for a few friends to go tomorrow for happy hr & burgers/chicken sandwiches in Union Sq or Grammercy Area. Any thoughts? I've been seeing alot about Molly's on here. Looking for good fries and/or onion rings too. Pub type place would be good but open to other ideas too. Thanks

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  1. Stand - burgers, not pubby.
    BLT Burger
    Old Town Bar

    1. Stand is great but, as posted above, not pubby.

      I really like the food at Resavoir, a pub on University. It is standard bar menu, but a notch better than average, especially good fries and tater skins. I even like their salads. Also they usually have a decent beer special.

      If the location can be expanded, The Stoned Crow is a dive bar at Washington Square. But they have GREAT burgers (guy from Corner Bistro). Chicken tenders there are good, but not anything else is exciting.

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        thanks you two, we're gonna try old town bar

        1. re: krow81

          I'm surprised no one's mentioned Union Square Coffee Shop on Union square West.

          Best chicken sandwich in the neighborhood (I remember it had, amongst other things, avocado with just the right amount of mayo on doughy toasted bread) good burgers and it doubles as a bar at night, so the pub-y feel is down. Also they have this waitress who looks like Scarlett Johannsen. Which is always nice.

          1. re: AgentRed

            At night, this can be trendy, with an awfully long wait. I agree, the food's good, but no worth a wait to sit.

            Krow81 - glad to hear it! if possible sit in a booth downstairs!

            1. re: AgentRed

              The Coffee Shop (diner+ ambience/outdoor cafe & good eye candy) and Cedar's (pubby atmosphere, might still be closed) are good.