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Aug 8, 2007 08:01 AM

Sonoma for RW

I'm heading to Sonoma today for lunch. I'm pretty excited because I've never eaten there even though I've walked by it a million times.

Any recommendations? They have nothing listed on their website in regards to a menu so I'm kind of walking in blindly (which I usually don't like to do for RW but oh well). Do they offer the whole menu etc?

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  1. I would like to know too since we are going for dinner of Friday. Elyssa looking forward to your review.

    1. I got back from my lunch at Sonoma a little over an hour ago. It was delicious food-wise but the service was slooooooow. We got there at 12:15 (had a reservation) and didn't get out until a little after 1:45pm. Now for dinner I wouldn't mind but this is for lunch. I kind of was a little surprised that some place up on the Hill especially would be so slow for lunch but maybe they were short staffed or something. Unfortunatly we had to rush out because both my friend and I had to be back at the office by 2pm.

      But the food was excellent! I have never been to Sonoma before but have walked by it a million times and have wanted to try it. Based on my experience I will certainly return for dinner, drinks and a small snack/cheese etc.

      They had a lot to offer--not sure if it was the full usual menu or not. But there were at least 5 different appetizers and 8+ main courses, including 3-4 different types of pizzas.

      To start with my friend got some sort of mixed greens salad with big pieces of bacon. She said it was good. I got their soup of the day which was a delicious chilled tomato (NOT gazpacho) soup with basil oil. I have never had tomato soup with this strong of a flavor and it was so good. Especially with the disgusting heat this was a nice first course.

      For a main course I got a really good risotto with fresh sweet corn and bits of bacon and some other stuff. It was great! And the perfect size for a lunch menu....if I'm eating a 3-course meal for lunch you don't need to over feed me. :)

      My friend got a penne pasta with pulled Amish chicken, sundried tomatoes and some sort of cheese. She said it was very good.

      We shared desserts--we got 2 types of cheese. One strong but good tasting blue cheese (recommended by the waiter) and then a cow's milk cheese. We also got a delicious mixed berry crisp. Both were nice and summery.

      Unfortunaltly we couldn't sit and finish all the dessert because we had to run out of there to get back to the office on time. That is my only major complaint and people should keep that in mind if they are making lunch reservations especially. Does anyone know if its normally like this or just a RW thing? (Tom Sietsema mentioned on his chat this morning that he has been getting a lot of complaints about slow service all over town. Usually my experience if anything in terms of speed during RW is places pushing you out too fast.)

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        Btw...I feel like this menu is good for least the lunch menu I saw. A number of options for people who don't eat meat from what I could tell. And for example my risotto possibly could have been ordered sans bacon and still have been delicious.

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          At least one place in that block didn't burn down.

        2. We dined at Sonoma on Friday evening. The staff was great and our waitress made fabulous wine pairings 3 for $25. Your choices were for the first course from the veggie, cold and first sections of the menu. for the main you could have an entree or a double serving from the first section. the 3rd course was either a dessert or 2 cheeses. MrWheatie started with the linguni with crab, YUMMY. I had the cherry tomatoes with monzerella, the toast overwhelmed the delicate flavors. for the main dish MrWheatie had the steak for a small upcharge, it was cooked perfectly. I had the double serving of the penne w/chicken, I found it a bit too salty. for dessert we both had the fruit crisp, once again yummy. Will add to our rotation. We are off to Courduroy next Saturday, extended RW.