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Aug 8, 2007 07:36 AM

Best Pick your Own in Westchester and surrounds?

I know there are lists and links to lists of places but really need opinions on the best places to pick your own and spend the day - quality and value.

Have been to Outhouse and Silverman's in CT in the past and would appreciate thoughts on these and others. We're going next weekend with kids to pick whatever is ready and hopefully have a good time, come home with some quality produce and perhaps some baked goods. Additional activites - petting zoos, pony rides, playground, etc. are a plus.

We also will probably want to eat lunch at the farm or if there's great chow in the area go for casual lunch or dinner nearby.


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  1. My favorite, though it may be a bit further than you'd like, is Bishop's Orchards in Guilford, CT. They have a hotline you can call to see what is available in the u-pick fields when you'd like to visit. There's a bakery (yum -- apple cider donuts) and some animals, but I don't think they're for petting.

    For chow (but not the view, which is a parking lot), try The Place, also in Guilford. It's an outdoor clambake kind of a place, where tables and chairs made out of tree stumps surround a huge open-pit barbecue. Lobster, clams, grilled corn, etc. BYOB, and definitely kid friendly.

    1. personally, I am an outhouse fan. I like the selection and usually the quality of apples. the cider donuts can't be beat. He hayrides and pony rides, play equipment and pumpkins as well as the live entertainment are all an added bonus (call ahead to see what they have going the weekend you plan to be there). I think it is too early for pumpkins but towards October they have a field of already picked pumpkins available for "picking"....

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        We went to a place in Red Hook, that we really liked. They had Mutsu like apple that was great..

        I forgot the name, but thank heavens for google!
        "Fraleigh's Rose Hill Farm
        Red Hook - Dutchess county
        Phone: 845-758-4215
        magnificent views, retail and u-pick
        This farm has been in the same family for over 200 years, Peter Fraleigh having purchased Rose Hill Farm in 1798. David and Karen Fraleigh are the sixth generation of their family run Rose Hill Farm."

        They dont have a web site.

      2. I love Fraliegh's too, and wrote an extensive post about them, however I think they open during apple and pumpkin season only. Here is a link with descriptions to many pick your own farms in NY

        1. We just came back from Barton Orchards near Fishkill, NY. They have 2 locations. The one we went to is amazing! They have pick your own peaches, donut peaches, plums, nectarines, early apples, blackberries...For veggies they let you pick enormous eggplant, squash, cucumbers, 3 types of beans, tomatoes...And we also picked beautiful fresh flowers (sunflowers and many others).

          They also have a corn maze, pony rides, a playground and petting zoo. It's located in a beautiful setting and well worth the trip!


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          1. re: chocolate chick

            Glad to hear a good report about Barton Orchard.

            I have seen the web site. Which location did you go to?

            1. re: scharffenberger

              Went to the one in Poughquag. I have been to both and think the one in Poughquag has so much more to offer and is visually more appealing too.

              1. re: chocolate chick

                And I see the Poughquag one is right near Wingdale which would mean a stop at Big W's bbq that we've been dying to try. Sounds like a perfect day!

                1. re: laylag

                  Oh, if only I had realized how close we were. I have been reading all the posts about Big W's. Didn't know I was a stones throw...Oh well, I'll probably head back that way in a month for the MacCoun apples at Barton and BBQ for lunch, YUM!!

                2. re: chocolate chick

                  Thanks Sharf and Chocchick for great rec on Barton's. Went to the one in Poughquag yesterday. Fantastic variety of fruits and veggies to pick. We picked tomatoes, red peppers, huge eggplants, two varieties of apples - the early gold are wonderful, white fleshed peaches and nectarines. We picked four varieties of sunflowers and wildflowers too. Reasonable prices, not crowded. No pony rides yesterday but some animals around to look at and pet. We will go back there in the fall for pumpkins which were just starting to come in and their other Halloween activities.

                  Then we headed over to Wingdale to Big W's for a late lunch. Excellent ribs - the best I've had in NY by far. Thoroughly smoked but not oversmoked in taste - very pink and moist. Just the right amount of fattiness. What I'd call rib perfection. Other items we had:dirty rice - delicious; pulled pork was good although a bit on the dry side; mac and cheese was tasty but too mushy and surprisingly the kids didn't care for it. They did love the rice and the chicken chili sample. We brought home a slow chicken and smoky baked beans and will have that withrib/pork leftovers tonight. One major bummer - we ordered a dirty rice pudding to go and they forgot to include it. Warren is friendly and charming. We'll be returning to Big W next time we're up that way and will try the brisket and, we hope, get our dirty rice pudding. Oh yes also - prices were so reasonable we couldn't believe it. Half the cost of Q.

            2. I like Ochs Orchard and Pennings Orchard in Warwick, NY. It's a great area to spend the day too.