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Aug 8, 2007 07:34 AM

Smoked mullet other than Ted Peters in Tampa?

Hi -

It is apparently common knowledge that Ted Peters is THE place for smoked mullet in Tampa Bay. However, I live in Tampa and I am almost always too busy to make it over to St. Pete. Is there any decent smoked mullet on my side of the bay?

And while I have your attention... I'm craving a good old fashioned seafood shack - the kind that deep fries a bunch of fish and seafood and serves it with no frills but is fantastic because the fish is so fresh. Usually these places are literally right on the water where fishing boats come in. I've found gems like this in Charleston, SC, Annapolis, MD, and other bayside places and it seems that Tampa ought to have one, but I don't know where to go. Any ideas? Rick's on the River sucks.

Thanks for the help!


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  1. Crabshack. Just the other side of the Gandy Bridge from Tampa on the left side in Pinellas County. They have a combo that I love for 12.95, scallops, grouper, and shrimp with cole slaw and potato salad. I *think* they even have smoked mullet. I know they have regular mullet and also have their menu on their website. The only bad thing is they don't take American Express which we almost learned the hard way one Sunday lol.

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      1. re: rhnault

        Thanks for the tip! The menu looks like just the kind of thing I am craving and I will definitely go.

        Still a bit of a haul for me, though. So I'd still love to hear suggestions for places that are in Tampa proper.

        I don't know what I would do without this board!

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          I wish I could find a place closer too. It's about a 30 minute drive from my house in Tampa.
          I am originally from N Florida and there are so many restaurants up there like the one you describe. They are very hard to find down here.

      2. Try Skippers Smoke House on Skipper Rd

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          I strongly second Skipper's. Not only is it a classic Florida fish shack, it's one of the best live venues in the bay area.And a Tampa institution after more than 25 years. But the food is terrific. I had some smoked mullet there just a couple of weeks ago that was fresh and tender, though not as smoky as I prefer (and no equal to Ted Peter's, but cheaper and a heck of a lot closer for Tampa chowhounds). Lots to choose from, though, including soft shell crab and even wahoo was a special recently (one of the owners said he added it recently after a visit to the keys reminded him how much he enjoyed it). They also have a great grouper reuben.

        2. I've noticed that Sweetbay stores often have smoked mullet, although I haven't tried it. I go to Ted Peters for my smoked fish fix. . . .

          1. Located in Fort McCoy, Florida. The Gold skillet seafood market is THE place for smoked mullet in central Florida. It reminds me of the mullet I got as a young boy growing up in Tampa, Florida. The 22nd St Causeway in Palmetto Beach was famous for mullet. The Skillet smokes up mullet the old fashion way, salt, pepper and smoke make for a wonderful product. Always fresh, Call ahead for availability (352) 236-3319

            1. I've been thinking of making a smoked fish trip up your ways and was heading straight for Ted's based on other recs I've seen. Should I also detour to any of these? How would you guys compare/describe smoked fish to Ted's at these places? Overall?

              Thanks. BTW, its great to know you can still find true smoked fish/fish shacks in Florida! Unfortunately down in Miami that species seems to have become extinct a long time ago.

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                1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

                  While I enjoy the new species quite a bit, definitely long for smoked mullet/fish and ice cold beer type re-experience as well.