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Dessert on UWS

Lisa M Aug 8, 2007 07:22 AM

Hi all, Taking dad for dinner at Saigon Grill tonight (Amsterdam nr 90th). Are there any good dessert places in the area? I thought of the Hungarian Pastry Shop, around St. John, but is there anything closer. Also, while I'm at it, any good pre-dinner places for a cocktail near Saigon Grill??


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    ROOM133 RE: Lisa M Aug 8, 2007 07:27 AM

    For dessert,try Edgar's on the norh side of West 84th, just west of Broadway. Nice, cozy place with wonderful desserts.

    1. LNG212 RE: Lisa M Aug 8, 2007 11:36 AM

      I second the recommendation for Cafe Edgar. If you're into the "in the movies" thing, then there's also Cafe Lalo (84th, I think, between Bway and Amst) which was in You've Got Mail (but I don't think it's as good). For something different, there's also Homer's (on Amsterdam) which has donuts and makes milk shakes and that sort of thing (they call themselves an "old fashioned malt shop"). Also, be aware that you may have to cross the picket line to get into Saigon Grill since the delivery people are still on strike (and the continuing lawsuit). They aren't there every day but it seems to have no regularity when they will show up.

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      1. re: LNG212
        Will4Food RE: LNG212 Aug 8, 2007 02:05 PM

        There's a terrific New York Wines only store on Broadway and 93rd Street with a bar where you get a flight of tastings for under 10 bucks....A fine, pre-dinner place....

        1. re: Will4Food
          LNG212 RE: Will4Food Aug 8, 2007 03:45 PM

          ah -- that's Vintage NY and it's awesome. i totally second that -- we go there all the time. i love getting the sparkling flight, especially if it's hot because it's so refreshing. they have about 250 wines by the glass. they also sell the wine sorbets (in the front of the store) in pints. they are delicious.

      2. c
        cimui RE: Lisa M Aug 8, 2007 02:46 PM

        Edgar's is a good choice and it's open late. To round out your options, though, here are a few more:

        If you don't need decor or a place to linger and you really like cupcakes, Buttercup Bakery on 72nd is a good choice. They close at 8 p.m. m-w and 10 p.m. every other day of the week, I think.

        Grom on B'way at 77th has fantastic gelato. Don't know what their hours are, but I think they stay open relatively late.

        Hot and Crusty on B'way at 88th has excellent cakes and good tiramisu. It's a fluorescent lighted, spare space, but they're open 24 hrs a day.

        Bruno Ravioli on B'way and 78th(ish) has incredibly good cannoli. They close at 8 or 8:30.

        For lingering:

        Spiga, an Italian restaurant on 84th between b'way and Amsterdam, has excellent desserts.

        Cafe Fiorello near Lincoln Center (bit far down for you, probably) has some of the best black and white mousse I've ever had.

        Cafe Mozart on 70th and... oh, B'way, I think... isn't as good as Edgar's, but the atm is nice and it's an excellent place to linger.

        For pre-dinner cocktails....

        Rancho and Gabriellas both have very gringa (but very potent) frozen margaritas; Gabriellas has pretty good other mixed drinks of the fruitier variety and a very good selection of tequillas

        Ouest has excellent wines by the glass

        Cafe Frida has excellent, if overpriced, cocktails. It may be further from Saigon Grill than you want to go. Same goes for Calle Ocho. And Sushi Hana, for that matter.

        The place one door north of Prohibition whose name is eluding me at the moment has pretty good cocktails and is a nice space for drinking if you can get a table and like a 30s something crowd.

        I've never been to Firehouse, but I've heard good things.

        BTW, I think the place Will4food mentioned is called Vintage.


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        1. re: cimui
          LNG212 RE: cimui Aug 8, 2007 03:48 PM

          i too like cafe mozart (i think it's off columbus?). gabriellas does a really good margarita-on-the-rocks and the outdoor seating there is lovely. the outdoor seating at roth's steakhouse is nice too (and i think they have live music on fri/sat). i think cafe frida has closed (or maybe is having renovations) as i went by there earlier today and the windows were papered over. firehouse is okay but it can get crazy in there especially when the softball crowd comes.

          1. re: LNG212
            cimui RE: LNG212 Aug 8, 2007 03:50 PM

            Oh--I didn't know about Cafe Frida! Thanks for the update!

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