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Aug 8, 2007 07:15 AM

Siddhartha - Little India vs King/Bathurst Location

Just wondering if anyone has tried the King/Bathurst location of Siddhartha. I went to the Little India location last summer and really enjoyed it.

We want to do Indian tonight and I was thinking we could go to King/Bathurst since it's closer to our house but we would drive out to Little India if that location is better.

Also, does anyone know if the King/Bathurst location also does the dinner buffet?


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  1. I've been to the lunch buffet, I'm not a real buffet goer but the sauces and salads were great, I'd like to go for a proper meal there...

    1. Siddhartha Buffet is open for dinner. The naan is inconsistent, but the rest of the flavours are great.

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        i've found the naan consistently good when hot (like all naan). the dinner buffet is replenished pretty regularly so that hasn't been a problem for me. the dinner buffet in general has ranged from really good to merely ok. the items don't change. chana masala, saag paneer (nees more paneer, but saag is quite good), lamb rogan josh, butter chicken (never been a fan so i can't comment), tandoori chicken (often very good), aloo gobi, dal, pakoras, basmati pilau... the usual suspects.. we go because it's pretty reliable and close to home though i prefer the buffets at aroma (very good a la carte) or trimurti (not so good a la carte) but they only do lunch bufffet so i haven't been to those places as much as siddartha on king. brar sweets up in no man's land has a great buffet at dinner. unfortunately not many indian restos do buffet for dinner.

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          Thanks for the feedback...we may check out Brar Sweets some time too. It wouldn't be that far for us to drive up there.

      2. I've never been to the King and Bathurst location, but be warned about the Little India location: this was one of my favourite Indian restaurants in the city up until about four months ago when I ordered takeout from them and noticed that the quality of the food declined significantly. I thought it might just be an off night, but a month later I gave them another try (again, takeout - I find the food quality of Indian a la carte is generally much higher than buffet), and the same problem. I'll give them a few more months to see if they get their act together before I try them again.

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        1. re: vorpal

          My last takeout order (a couple of months ago) from Siddhartha (Gerrard location) was also disappointing. Everything seemed to have a certain sameness to it. The flavours were dull and all the food just seemed heavy. It wasn't that it was actually bad, just not as good as it has been in the past. It would be so great to have a truly amazing Indian restaurant in Toronto like Vij's in Vancouver...!

          1. re: cybergod

            That was my main complaint, too... dishes that had dramatic differences between them suddenly seemed similar in flavours and diminished in sensory excitement. I also found that the meat used in their curries had lessened in quality and quantity, unfortunately. They were also "out" of a few things on my last order (most notably desserts) and neglected to tell me until I got there to pick everything up. Happily, they gave me some comped orders of mango ice cream as a substitute, but it would have been nice had they let me know at the time I called in so my guests could have chosen alternatives or made plans to obtain dessert elsewhere!