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Aug 8, 2007 06:48 AM

O Noir in Montreal...any comments? [moved from Ontario board]

Hello all...My journey for expanding my dining experience continues and this time it is taking me to Montreal. Hubby and I are going for a quick one night stay next week and have reservations at O Noir. Hubby is really excited and I'm game although I wonder if my claustophobia might be a problem being that I will be totally in the dark. Any comments from fellow chowhounders who have been there regarding food, service, and that 'closed in' feeling would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. From what some friends have told me (I've never been there myself) the food is OK but not great. In the end it's the experience you're paying for, and they seemed very happy with it.

        1. I haven't been there although I was curious. However I just read a humourous article about a new restaurant in Hong Kong that has the same concept, from a local magazine there. The funniest bit was, the server being interviewed claims that most customers, at the end of the meal, would ask him to escort them to the washroom, because they need to clean the food from their face before heading back out to the broad daylight!

          Honestly I don't think the place should be a problem for clastrophobics, although it might get messy (which could be fun).

          Like the one in Hong Kong, I heard that the servers are blind because they are typically extra skillful navigating around such places.

          1. I went there with a friend at the beginning of July. I had a "surprise dish" and my friend ordered shrimp risotto. We both thought our dishes were fine. The experience made me realize how much I judge food by its appearance.
            The experience was fun though, and I would agree with others who say that's what you're paying for. As for feeling "closed in" it's difficult to say. The restaurant sounds like a fairly open space, though while we were sitting down, my brain didn't visualize much beyond the area immediately around our table. I experienced a tiny feeling of excitement/panic when being led to the table, but once there I was pretty comfortable. There are lit exit signs that you can see in the dining area.

            I would recommend it. Consider it 3 courses at $20 plus $15 for the experience.

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              Thank you everyone for the reponses...I can't wait to try it!