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Recs for hors d'oeuvres with champagne??

We're having some friends over on Friday that we haven't seen in two years. We're going to celebrate with a bottle (or 2) of Schramsberg Brut Rose (we splurged on a case earlier in the year). I need a couple of ideas for munchies to serve alongside. I know that the natural inclination is toward seafood, but my friend doesn't like it (I know, I can't believe she's still my friend either...j/k). ;o)

Any thoughts/recommedations on the subject would be greatly appreciated!!


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  1. gougeres, maybe the little BLT gougeres that are in the Zuni cookbook.

    salty, spiced nuts

    Champagne makes me think of salty and bacony more than seafood for some reason.

    1. There's an hors d'oeuvres I make of serrano ham fried until crispy, stuck vertically into a piece of manchego and quince paste. Delicious and beautiful.

      Gougeres are a great call as well. Champagne calls for decadence of all forms, not just rich and salty. Have you thought about a very flavorful tartare or foie gras lettuce cups or even toast points with truffle butter and parmesan cheese?

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        I am intrigued by the lettuce wraps with foie gras. Do you have a recipe?

      2. What about puff pastry wrapped brie? Depending on the crowd size you can buy a small or large wheel, spread some currant or apricot jam over it, cover with Pepperidge Farm puff pastry (or make your own if you are really ambitious!), and bake. You want to serve this lukewarm with apple slices or fancy toast points or crackers. I am sure you can find a recipe on Epicurious or FN site

        1. What about like a proscuitto wrapped ball of melon? Speaking of Brie I always love it with some honey and toasted almonds. Maybe some sort of chicken with fruit compote served on toasted baquette?

          1. Asian flavors pair nicely with champagne. Pot stickers, grilled skewers with Asian spices, maybe some chicken & mint in lettuce cups.

            1. tiny pancakes with sour cream and caviar

              1. Deviled eggs are great with champagne. I also love the gougeres idea, and some figs and proscuitto would be great.

                1. The buttermilk tartles I saw on the side screen featured in "sweets" in the recipe section looked pretty tempting.

                    1. Champagne is great with everything! Honestly! Just make something fancy.

                      1. Personally, I'd keep it pretty simple...mostly seasonal fruits and cheese. Maybe figs wrapped in prosciutto, sliced pluots layered with manchego, baked brie (maybe with macadamia nuts? Or pine nuts and honey?) Then I'd cheat and get the Feta and Caramelized onion tarts from Trader Joes.

                        But I could probably live off champagne, fruit and cheese!

                        1. Anything fried works: fried chicken, French fries (especially with a gourmet ketchup), tempura, etc.
                          Most salty things work: smoked salmon, caviar, nuts, etc.
                          Many things with fat work, like soft cheeses, salami, butter -- even cold cuts
                          Mushrooms work well, like oyster and chanterelle mushrooms, but truffles work also.
                          Sometimes toasty things, like toast points, toasted baguette slices, crackers, brioche, pair well with the toastiness in the champagne. Use these as a base for other flavors.
                          Little touches of citrus work: lemon zest, orange peel.
                          Delicate green things can add a note: cucumber, a touch of tarragon, celery
                          A tiny touch of heat works: a tiny touch of wasabi, horseradish, powdered mustard, etc.; as in sushi, horseradish cream sauce, etc.
                          An aged Champagne (about 15-20 years) can take on heftier items such as a veal roast, roast fowl, etc.
                          Rose Champagne can take on slightly heartier fare than regular champagne. Two of my favorite Rose Champagne pairings were rare roast beef with horseradish cream sauce, and chiles en nogades made with a walnut cream sauce and sprinkled with pomegranate seeds.

                          1. A beautiful big fat strawberry cut 4 ways (not all the way through) then piped with a marscapone, powdered sugar and lemon zest mix, adorned with a tiny mint leaf.

                            Sauteed Mushrooms-chantrells, in a creamy sauce wrapped in filo...

                            Puff pastry swizels, with a procuitto wrap

                            1. Love figs with champagne...cantaloupe wrapped with proscuitto.