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Aug 8, 2007 05:54 AM

Cal-Mex or Pizza near UTC (San Diego)

I'm looking for a lunch spot for Cal-Mex (is there such a thing?), Pizza or something else that is "native" to your area. I'll be staying near the intersection of Mira Mesa Blvd. and I-805.

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  1. If your looking for Cal-Mex Rubios is just south of you on Town Center Drive, it a chain but it the "Original". I you want San Diego style taco shop Head to the Second Robetro's on Miramar Rd. (2nd as in heading east from the 805, next to JJ Deli). The only decent Pizza in the area is from NY so it is not native.


    1. There's very good pizza in the UTC area at Leucadia Pizzeria, 7748 Regents Rd., 858-597-2222.

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        It's a small chain, but Sammy's Woodfire Pizza has decent food, and it has probably the best example of "California style pizza" (which many pizza fans call an abomination, but I've always thought of pizza like a sandwich, and you don't see people comparing tuna on rye to a cheeseburger :). They have a restaurant in the Costa Verde Center, at 8650 Genesee - just across from the UTC mall and a bit south of La Jolla Village Drive.

        Another fast-foodish Rubiosish Cal-Mexish chain is La Salsa, which has one location right by Sammy's in the Costa Verde Center. I think they are better than Rubio's, but that is just my opinion.

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          I was in the mood for pizza, and it was a toss up between Leucadia Pizzeria and Sammy's. So I flipped a coin and Sammy's won. I started with the chicken satay skewers, which consisted of 4 generous skewers and a tasty and filling satay sauce. I also had the Arugula, Pear, Prosciutto, Gorgonzola pizza with arugula. That was good, too, although it was a bit heavy on the vinegar.

          It was a lot of food for one person, but it had to last me late into the night, as I would be missing dinner for a series of meetings.

          Thanks for the recommendation.

      2. This thread was recent and precisely on topic:

        Of course the first post is a link to a previous thread.....but that thread is more dinner than lunch.

        For my money, lunch is either Nozomi, just off La Jolla Village on Regents, Fins or Z Pizza in the 'Ralph's' mall at Nobel and Villa La Jolla. Fins is Rubio's-esque, but IMO much better, and I like Z Pizza more than Leucadia, Sammy's, or Cal. Pizza Kitchen (neighbor to Z Pizza and Fins).